Army swaps sit-ups for combat run in new PT tests.

The Army is revamping its yearly fitness tests for the…

The Army is revamping its yearly fitness tests for the first time in 30 years to better toughen soldiers for battle, adding exercises like running an obstacle course in full combat gear and dragging a body’s weight.

Officials at Fort Jackson, a major Army training base, said Tuesday the new tests would replace one focused on push-ups, sit-ups and a two-mile run. It follows other Army efforts to overhaul training, improve diets and help older soldiers keep fit.

The head of Army initial training, Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, told reporters the test had to be revamped because exercises like sit-ups don’t translate into survival on a battlefield.

The program is being tested at eight installations starting this month and after review could be implemented Army-wide in the next fiscal year.

Source: Susanne M. Schafer for The Associated Press.

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  • Robert L. Abadam

    Wow, after all this time they finally changed the PT test. So many soldiers were kicked out from the Army for failing the old test. I wonder if this one will retain more and actually do more for the troops. I retired in 2004 while serving in Iraq. We did pt there even during operations. It’s a love hate relationship. Hate it during but love it after wards. Let’s not forget the soldier and not do this because of politics !!!

  • pete lopez

    I think they should focus on running more and obstacle courses with full gear as that’s the way they fight in real combat.