Gunsite Foreign Weapons Course

It’s wise to know how to operate various firearms you…

It’s wise to know how to operate various firearms you may come into contact with while afield. In law enforcement operations, we found it necessary to hold a number of classes for crime scene and property room types to help us understand these firearms and how not to inadvertently fire one.

Photos by Gunsite AcademyFor soldiers operating outside of the continental United States (CONUS), it would be a huge asset to do a “battlefield pickup” if a soldier’s own weapon failed. Soldiers working in an advisory and training mission for foreign troops should likewise be able to understand, demonstrate and operate the firearms of their allies. Finally, if a soldier is assigned to “battlefield cleanup” duty, it helps to know how to “clear and make safe” those recovered weapons. In keeping with such needs, Gunsite Academy offers the Foreign Weapons course.

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