Mastering the Combat Shotgun

The combat shotgun has been used in law enforcement for…

The combat shotgun has been used in law enforcement for over 100 years. Devastating stopping power at short ranges with minimal over penetration make it well suited for police work. The weapon is also the most versatile of all firearms, capable of the aforementioned lethality at close range with buckshot, and also at relatively longer range with rifled slugs. It’s also capable of firing less-lethal loads such as beanbag rounds, and can be used to deploy chemical agents, and even to fire incendiary rounds to destroy locks. It’s the weapon most sought for by officers in high-threat situations. The shotgun has yet to reach its full potential as more and more uses are found for it.

swsp07-basictraining-2.jpgShotguns also carry with them a significant psychological component. Though you should never count on it, the sight and sound of a round being racked into a 12 gauge shotgun has far reaching effects in the hearts of most men. While many may entertain Hollywood tough-guy images of themselves pressing on with a bullet in their body, few imagine themselves as John Wayne after being cut in half by 9 to 15 00 buckshot pellets.

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