Most big name manufacturers of tactical nylon these days started…

Most big name manufacturers of tactical nylon these days started as the “little guy” making gear in their garage. This kind of equipment has always lent itself to specialization and improvement based on the builder’s operational needs. Beez Combat Systems is just such a company. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and run by Jeff Spazek, Beez Combat Systems makes some really nice gear, with a bit of a custom flare.



Over the course of the last couple months, I have been testing his plate carrier, chest rig and shotgun sleeve. The plate carrier is actually cut to fit my old soft body armor, something unheard of these days in a world of mass production. Jeff has made some carriers for West Valley PD and a few others, as well has his standard production pieces. His chest rig is one of the best out there, and his shotgun sleeve is preferred by several breachers. If you are in the need for some solidly built gear with a custom flare, give Beez Combat Systems a really hard look. You will like what you see.


For More Information contact Beez Combat Systems:; 801-987-0893

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