"U.S. Border Patrol! Drop your weapons!" The 12-second hesitation between…


“U.S. Border Patrol! Drop your weapons!” The 12-second hesitation between command and compliance seems to span infinity. The bandits are weighing their options. Do they run? Do they engage this lone agent? They have advantage in numbers and in firearms but the agent has chosen a solid firing position behind concealment. “U.S. Border Patrol! Drop the *&%# guns or I WILL drop you.” The confidence of the agent forces the bandits to reveal their cowardly nature. An assortment of Eastern-Bloc rifles fall to the ground as the bandits meekly surrender. Supervisory Agent Daniel McClafferty had won again, without firing a shot.

The Arizona border between Mexico and the United States seems more like the gates of hell than the meeting ground of two democracies: 10,000-foot peaks tumble into valleys choked with cactus and other inhospitable plants as I follow McClafferty on an intelligence mission thru one of the ranges surrounding Tucson, a week after his confrontation with the bandits.

As the Border Patrol intensifies efforts to secure American borders, smugglers increasingly risk entering “Death Zones”—areas of the border where smugglers must endure days in unforgiving terrain to reach U.S. cities. Other, more geographically forgiving routes thru Texas and California are becoming untenable due to increased LE presence. While smugglers feel the dessert is the lesser of two evils, the terrain still demands a regular sacrifice of lives.

The Border Patrol is determined to lessen that toll, in 1998, establishing Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Teams. Ten of these highly trained units have been established and they focus their attentions on the numerous “Death Zones” of the southern border. While the size of each team varies and is classified, the Tucson Sector BORSTAR team is the largest and most active.

borstar-weapons-fotos-005.gifThe Victims
I visited Nogales, Mexico to speak with a group of soon-to-be illegal immigrants. Desperate to leave a life of poverty in their native countries, they had gathered in Nogales to await nightfall to pass into the United States with the guidance of a professional smuggler, or “coyote.” The instructions from their guide were the first source of problems. They had been assured that Tucson is only a few hours away, but it is some 60 miles away. They naively believed their guide and only brought a few small bottles of water. Worse, the group ranges in age from mere infants to the elderly who are trying to reach the U.S. for medical attention.

Illegal immigrants must not only battle the elements but also face danger from drug smugglers and bandits. The smugglers are mostly physically fit Mexican nationals who do not want the attention that an immigrant group nearby might attract. The bandits are also illegal immigrants who live in the United States and make routine trips to border areas to rob the drug smugglers and/or illegal immigrants. Armed with rifles but cowardly in nature, they have no hesitation about leaving groups stranded in the desert after robbing and/or physically abusing them. Holding the line is the Border Patrol.

Most cops spend their entire career without using deadly force. BORSTAR agents work towards the same goal but because of the environment where they work, they are better armed than the average beat cop.

The standard sidearm of the Border Patrol is a variant of the H&K USP .40. Nothing fancy there. No lights or attachments because unlike most cops, the handgun is not their primary weapon. The anvil of history on which Border Patrol has been forged has instilled a belief in rifles, shotguns and submachine guns.

BORSTAR agents have to carry their gear in the bush more than most military units, so they keep the tools to the minimum.

borstarvert.gifWhatever Works Best
Agents are issued an M4 and given the latitude to build their rifle to their particular preferences. Since portability is a major factor, slings are a favorite accessory.

Scopes will vary: Most agents prefer EOTechs or Aimpoints. Although the agents are working in the field, they are law enforcement personnel. Although most people envision the desert as wide open terrain, it is not. Narrow gullies and high vegetation can limit visibility to conversational distances. If you can’t see it, you definitely are not shooting at it. Most smugglers take advantageous of this fact and maximize their use of cover and concealment. The bad guys are usually poorly educated but not stupid.

Attached lights are more or less standard: Surefire has complete domination. The M4s are functional and well used. Like testing a product by handing it to Navy SEALs, BORSTAR agents will find equipment weakness quickly thru the abuse of real-world deployment.

The Remington 870 is also available. However, most agents do not favor carrying the 870s as the ammo is too short range and  bulky.

The trend among agents is to carry the H&K UMP in .40. Lighter than the M4s and easier to control for the one-handed BORSTAR dog handlers, the UMP is a rising star in the inventory.

The weapons look functional and the agents are clearly comfortable handling them safely. But how do they shoot? I got to observe as one of the BORSTAR firearms instructors undertook his quarterly weapons qualifications and there was good and bad news. The good news was the agents, clearly comfortable and competent with the weapons. The bad news was the course of fire. I would be more comfortable with a BORSTAR agent backing me up than almost anyone else in law enforcement. These agents actively employ good field tactics every day. It is a dangerous game of hide-and-seek and these agents are motivated to win.

Most have military backgrounds and are allowed a degree of independence that allows their intelligence to shine. By himself, he must assume command of a situation where he is grossly outnumbered: By sheer presence, he must convince a large group not to attempt to overpower him, and to obey commands. To work alone in the dark, with backup miles away, and to tackle these large groups, takes true courage. Yet for these agents, takedown of large groups has become routine. As such, their operating methods much more proactive than any other law enforcement agency. While street cops move forward cautiously on a vehicle stop, BORSTAR agents usually rush the vehicle to minimize the attempts for escape.

The border is a dangerous place. If the natural environment fails to kill you, there are competing groups traveling thru these areas that are equally dangerous as the midday sun.

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  • a Costa

    Why would John Judd want to look at himself in the mirror and flex? I question the validity of this story.

  • True Story Bro

    True Story:

    I was at work and there was this alien that had fallen off the fence and was hurt. We couldn’t get close enough to either arrest him, or laugh at him due to rocks being thrown, so we called Bortac to secure the area and Borstar to also secure some stuff and maybe provide some medical attention.

    Well, as luck would have it they both showed up in only 2 hours which was pretty speedy for them. And we were pretty excited because that meant this whole stupid ordeal was almost over. So, we told them the scenario but then, had to wait another god damn hour because neither of them were willing to drive above 5 mph.

    Anyway, they finally get on scene and are about ready to jump into action but then one of the dipshits on the southside ran out of rocks and threw a mirror over the fence.

    As you can imagine, that mirror broke into pieces when it hit the ground and this in turn froze both the Bortac and Borstar agents since they then became way to busy looking at themselves in the mirror to help. I distinctly remember one of them kept flexing saying into the mirror, “Yeah, what’s up now, seriously, what’s up. Yeah!”

    But by then they had run out of things to throw so we just picked the guy up and threw him back into Mexico and went home.

  • Yung chris

    Why would anyone say anything good about MRT? Gimmie a break.

  • Ear Necklace

    MRT leaves everyone in their dust…when the fecal matter hits the rotary oscillator, that’s who gets the call-out.


    WOW. That is all I can say. I will attest as a REAL PA that this is not the way we condone ourselves. This is an embarrassment to me and my agency. PA’s have respect for each other and don’t bash each other like 10 year olds. As far as I’m concerned, BORTAC or BORSTAR, you need to be a tough person to go through the mentoring programs nowadays, and then to pass the BOTC is something in and of itself. Much respect to those who bear the tabs and wings. I’ve seen former Marines, Army Rangers, and Army Combat Medics fail the mentoring program on day one. Most of the people who try out for either ops are in top shape, but that isn’t good enough. With 20,000+ agents, they are looking for the best and will break you until you prove yourself. Until you have gone through both Ranger school and BORTAC/BORSTAR training, don’t bash either of these elite forces. Honor First my brothers in green, be safe.

  • Timmothy Brunt

    Ya all you idiots that say you can fight, you cant. All you idiots that say you were special forces, you werent. Grow up

  • Grown up

    This is why cops are cops. A bunch of guys who need power to feel important. You’re all on power trips and act like your in high school. I’m currently on temporary dissability retirement and am chomping at the bit to get back. But i nevwr want to be law enforcement because of what’s displayed here. I mean i waspulled over for going 41 in a 35 and the dude was freaking out on me like i killed his dog. Then when i got pissy he wanted respect…..yea right. I have more respect for border patrol agents than i do cops. Get over yourselves. You’re pathetic and even though you think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread, only you think youre cool. You’re your own worst enemy. Don’t get me confused with those who are angry that you detain criminals because theyre mad about being caught doing something stpid. I’m talking about your ordinary attitudes. Get a life seriously. Dont rely on Your title to get respect, earn it. Seriously a bunch of 17 year old high school football players in here. I love it when cops in a city that has 1 murder every 2 years request armored vehicles and semi auto precision rifles like the M110 sass….as if theyre going to have to engage multiple citizens at once. Who do you think you are? Grow up.

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  • Someone

    You are all idiots. This is a forum on an internet website and you argue like your in grade school. This is why you don’t do magazine articles.

    -Enrigere Rapidus

  • Regular Guy.

    To All:
    The Trash talk on this site is absurd, I have been in the Navy for 10 years and about to get out. My time with the teams has been very rewarding but it took two DOR’s to get there.
    My point is it doesn’t matter what team you want to go with when you get into CBP, just
    Choose the one that is best for you. In my case it will be BORSTAR (if selected) due to
    My training I have. Could I go BORTAC? Of course. But I really love helping people.
    I think I would enjoy that a lot more. So for people interested in this field go with what you love. Stay professional and a humble operator. Hope to see you guys down range.

  • bud

    I have personally met two current BORTAC agents that have washed out of BORSTAR. Anyone who says it is easy has never been through the selection course.

  • JC

    Made the TCA/SRT team in June 1999. Every bit a kick in the balls as my Ranger School class 09-94. Now work for another Federal LEA. It was obvious to me that BORSTAR were really the SRT/BORTAC wash-outs or guys that couldn’t nut up. I can’t speak for BORTAC as I never went out for the team, but when I was with TCA/SRT we were extremely busy doing a wide variety of operations; not just chasing aliens. BORSTAR may have changed in the last 10 years, but at the beginning they were tactical wannabes and were really the result of Chief Aguilar’s concerns about alien deaths.

  • Running W

    They should have painted the blackhawk white with a big red cross on it for Borstar, they’re not tactical, they’re rescue EMT. Much easier academy, no weapons quals and easier fitness standards than Bortac.

  • yung chris

    Did you see America’s Most Wanted last night? BORSTAR was on there fastroping out of the blackhawk with m-4s. I wonder why BORTAC didn’t do that? Probably for a number of reasons. First they don’t know how, everyone knows BORSTAR is better at helo ops than BORTAC could ever be, second they probably weren’t invited cause CBP knows they don’t know a thing about helo ops or fastroping, either doing it or hooking it up, third they are never out in the field doing anything but scamming in the office, cleaning their weapons and doing crossfit on duty then BFing in the showers afterwards.

  • Holdntheline

    Maybe some guys are under the impression that sar is not “tactical” kinda petty to me. Each have a function and role. kinda sucks that arrogance is more prevalent than the fact that we all serve the same master.

  • Mike C

    Wow, I’m just an ordinary citizen who is doing his homework before joining the BP. I am obviously interested in one of the tactical units, which is what brought me to this article. You guys give each other more shit than the Marines give the Navy! I don’t know what would give me more trouble, a drug smuggler, or a member of the “opposing” tactical team. My point is I am turned off by the level of disrespect and lack of professionalism displayed in these posts. I was under the impression that we would all be part of the same team! Regardless I take the Written test in a few weeks.

  • finn

    Wow. people on the front lines, as NREMT-Ps, armed with full tac gear, usually alone, and you fuckheads are giving them shit? you sit in your cruisers with A/C, with backup a chirp away, and these boys are in the desert, in the middle of one of the biggest drug smuggling avenues. wow. get a life. my dick is bigger, wah wah wah. unbelievable.

  • Unkle Krakr

    This website has created non-stop laughter for me. Please keep it up tough guys.

  • Agent 10-46

    Hey fellas, who were the two Borstar nerds on that new TV show? what a couple of dorks and why were they pointing assault rifles at defenseless aliens looking for a better life? I thought they were rescue/emt guy’s. Why all the tac gear? I’m confused on the role of this shake n bake so called tac team. Why don’t they just try out the the real tactical team?

  • Leroy brown

    I think everyone here is making valid points, except for dick skinner. He’s a loser. If he is an agent I can’t believe he would make threats of violence against someone. He must take bortac very seriously. Too bad nobody, agency, or unit gives a shit outside of a few geeks in the border patrol. Have a good life you loser.

  • HotKarl

    why all this shit-talking???

  • Dick Skinner

    “I spent several years in the USBP (pre-CBP days)before moving on to another agency. In my time there, I never joined the SRT, BORTAC or BORSTAR team.”

    well than STFU you don’t know squat about the issue here and that issue is Borstar trying to pass themselves off has a tactical team and their not, other than wearing the gear. They are desert nurses with guns.

    Vargas you are the most ignorant fool that has posted yet. Congratulations that’s quite a achievement considering all the morons here. You won’t think it’s gay when you get dumped on your head.

  • gldbdg

    Wow, what’s with the hate on here? I spent several years in the USBP (pre-CBP days)before moving on to another agency. In my time there, I never joined the SRT, BORTAC or BORSTAR team. After spending several years in, I decided I would start to train for SRT or BORTAC. Shortly thereafter, BORSTAR came out. I would have been proud to have been a member of any of these teams.

    Each team has their specialty and are well trained. From my recollection, BORSTAR was a tac-medic program whose operators went through intense training and are probably some of the very best at search and rescue missions. BORTAC was “THE” tactical team and the SRT teams were excellent as well. I had several friends on each team and still do to this day.

    I’m amazed at all the trash talking on here and can only assume its being done by people who don’t have clue one what they are talking about. I was picked up as an 1811 with another agnecy before I was able to try out for any of these teams and later became an operator with our nationwide SRT team.

    I have been an operator for several years on a very active national team. I have traveled all over the US conducting Search and Arrest warrants, recon missions, etc…I don’t claim to be the best of the best or anything like that, I point this out simply because based on prior responses, someone is sure to blast me as not having a clue.

    During my time, I have also had the pleasure of working with various teams all across the US including the three BP teams referenced in these discussions. I have had nothing but good experiences with each of them.

    I can only hope that all these trash talkers are not fellow leo’s.. Be safe out there.

  • c. vargas

    Hey dick sucker!

    You don’t know me boy. I suppose you’re another MMA guy that wears tapout shirts and thinks cause you’re a swat guy you’re tough. Go roll around on the mat at your jujitsu class with some more guys you fucking homo. Go do some more crossfit so you can get flexible enough to suck your own dick you fucking coward.

  • Dick Skinner

    where do you fight? Anyone can talk tough from a keyboard. Why do you have all this anger towards SRT? did you wash out or quit SRT basic? Why are you assigned to the fence crew?

  • C. Vargas

    Hey elite ranger. Shut the fuck up and go back to the barracks. Don’t get involved in this discussion. You’re in the army son. I bet you’re an e-4 or e-5 aren’t you? Stay in your paygrade rumpranger.

  • C. Vargas

    This has nothing to do with tactical teams. I’m just saying that I called out SDC/SRT and they all backed down like cunts. I’m only speaking facts you retard. Quit trying to act like you’re someone or I’ll make you back down like a cunt you little bitch.

  • Kevin Randleman

    “I would bet anything that me and my guys have seen more action in one day”

    I bet you have, feeding a Ranger Battalion is alot of work. Troops gotta eat.

  • EliteRanger

    Oh yea, want something tactical?


  • EliteRanger


    Funny guy huh? Maybe you should consider comedy as a career field. I can tell you this…

    I would bet anything that me and my guys have seen more action in one day then a bortac fag would see in his entire career.

  • Dick Skinner

    Is this Vargas guy serious? grow up dude! Sounds like you have a complex. What do you mean you can fight? Where did you fight? What is your record? What does this have to do with tactical teams?

  • C. Vargas

    I’ll tell you first hand about how weak SRT is. I’ve called each and everyone of the SDC SRT guys out for a fight a every single one of them backed down like cunts cause they know I can fight.

  • Raul D

    I have been around a bit and know agents on both sides of this silly argument. The real losers are the national borstar guys out in el paso. They literally scrapped the bottom of the barrel and choose the biggest losers ever for this team. For the management, they lifted the barrel and picked the turds and worms underneath it and created the chain of command. Sorry guys, bortac is were it’s at. Were the men are men and the chicks have admin jobs, if you know what I mean. So keep talking smack about bortac this and bortac that, but remember that the borstar team in el paso is their “elite”. I’m afraid to even guess at what else is out there. Did anyone get turned down for a job? Next time you’re out here in el paso take a look at these guys and you’ll have to wonder what standards could they possibly have.

  • Sean McCorkle

    Rump Ranger,

    Many Bortac agents and former Bortacers have already served in the military, from Rangers, Seals and Marine Reconnaissance 82nd etc., so take your pompus attitude and get lost bro! You’re probably some REMF who couldn’t pass a LEO exam. Oh yeah they make alot more money than you too. Now get back to the mess hall!

  • EliteRanger

    Wow, you guys are funny. All this talk about being tactical and who is and who isnt. I find it pretty damn pathetic. Whether you are bortac/borstar you still have nothing on the army. And you knows whats really sad? Im a ranger and proud to be one. But you will never see me cutting down SF or Delta guys… you know why? Because the are better, thats the fact of life. You guys need to learn that there will always be someone faster, better and smarter.

    In the meantime if you want some real tactical experience then join the army as an 18 series. Good luck passing selection and over a 1 and a half of training before your first mission.

  • Mark “The Hammer” Coleman

    Because one team (Borstar) tries to pass themselves off as the Tactical team of the Border Patrol and their not. Their a search and rescue team with a lot of fluff and a very easy selection course. They’ve got broads and fat dudes on that team C’mon man.

    Chung, don’t hate me because I want to some day become a Bortac Agent. Sounds like you never had the stones to try out for the varsity team (Bortac)

  • “friends”

    Both teams are hard working and have extensive training…why so much hate with some of you about the differant teams?

  • yung chris

    Hey Ian, butt out you f-ing dipshit! You are probably another fat cop with a fast food problem!

    Ray askins. You are a bitch. Plain and simple. You would never do or say anything in front of anyone. Put up or shut the F up tough guy.

    Mark. Your days are over. You are old and out the game big guy let it go.

    Sean mccorkle. You are like ray. You would never say or do squat. You are like the rest of the bortac queers. Spineless and worthless. Same goes for you.

    Is this the last laugh?

  • Ian

    Seven Words for all of you BP’s!

    Sight Picture
    Sight Alignment
    Slow, Steady, Squeeze.

  • yung chris

    I’d tell the hammer that bortac is a bunch a worthless dorks. C’mon. Everone knows they don’t do a anything. I don’t even need to bring up the fools out in el paso. That would be too easy. I’m not on either team dumb dumb and never cared to be. All of those Noraml PA’s know what you guys are all about. Grow up you loser. Resign from the BP and get a cop job if you want to do swat type stuff, cause bortac only claims it and never does it. They don’t do it right anyways. I can’t believe how long this list is now. Jeez.

  • Sean McCorkle

    Hey Chung.

    I thought Randleman told you to go whip up some kung pow chiken. What have you ever accomplished in your miserable life? You would never say that crap to the “Hammers” face.

  • yung chris

    Ray askins is a tonk luving faggot, randleman is a probably a worthless bortac queer trying to funny, mark the hammer was molested by his dad, and C is just an f-ing loser.

  • Mark “The Hammer” Coleman

    LA County,

    You’re on tough guy, just remember that if you step the the “Hammer” your going to be eating your meals through a straw for a long time. Just have the balls to identify yourself and we’ll bang knuckles.

  • Ray Askins

    Over the last few weeks has been a lot of press (Imperial Valley Press, San Diego Union Tribute and the La Cronica) covering about the destruction of the water stations along Highway 86 – the red thick line north of the international border and west of Calexico. Blue thinner line is Interstate 8. Under these lines showing in a straight line is the United States and Mexico International Border.

    The purpose of the water stations is to save lives by countering” the conditions of dehydration, heat exposure, and other environmental conditions” said Senior Border Patrol Agent Jaime Castillo in Washington, DC.

    I have my theory and no one else about this destruction, but is the destruction of these waters tations an act of a fireman’s syndrome that may play here? Set the fires and then joints in to fight the fires. In this case requires the recovering of 4 dead immigrants near or around what was a water station. The flag was up, but no water.

    It would be truly a scandal in major proportions to find it was U.S. Border Patrol – BORSTAR, first responders in search and rescue are responsible for this heinous act on humanity. Is destroying the water stations a military tactic like blowing up bridges, electric grids, and sewer systems?

    The U.S. Border Patrol internal affairs should to begin an immediately investigation of any activity by their “BORSTAR” operation. James F. Tomsheck, Assistant Commissioner Office, Office of Internal Affairs says, “Any misconduct investigation” and “ensuring workforce integrity within the U. S. Customs and Border Protection” shall be investigated.

    Some do NOT think the Border Patrol’s “BORSTAR” operation nor is anyone else for that matter with the Border Patrol involved or responsible in any way the destruction of the water stations. The question is who? Whoever they are should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for any violators. No matter who they are – no one is above the law.

  • 1forG-D

    You know, I’m a P.A. I take pride in all we have to offer, such as BORSTAR/BORTAC/SRT/AMU, as well as all the line agents and so forth. I have to say though, these arguments and foolish remarks are embarassing. How could you dishonor our Agency like this? What a shame. What a damn shame.

  • One Man Army

    This whole argument is ridiculous because the Border Patrol is a joke, not the agents but their management. Whatever team Bortac/Borstar/SRT don’t do squat except regular line agent work. Their upper management is too chicken shit to let them do any real op’s. They get some good training, have the gear but again don’t do anything outside of border enforcement. I know back in the day Bortac operated in central and south america and I don’t mean training riot police but real op’s, not anymore thank’s to the limp dicked bosses.

  • LA county

    Mark the hammer probably is that wimpy little dork with no chin we always see at the baker to vegas running around like a big shot. That guy shouldn’t be claiming anything to do with SWAT, he’s a freaking girl. Hell, he probably isn’t even a man. Wait until the next baker to vegas big guy.

  • Mark ‘the hammer” Coleman

    LA county,

    Speaking of weak chins, how about I blast your weak chin into the cheap seats. Stop making up stories without posting the dudes name. Your probably the towel boy over there.

  • LA county

    This whole argument is ridiculous. You guys are supposed to be part of the same agency but act like enemies. I’ve never had any dealing with borstar, I don’t even know what they do, but I have had some dealings with bortac. Every year we do the Baker to Vegas and it’s always the same weak little dork who I guess is the representative for the border patrol and tells everyone he’s bortac and tries to act like a tough guy. I guess bortac is the SWAT team of the Border Patrol, but this guy must be a desk guy because I don’t see him being able to hold up his handgun let alone an M-4. I can’t remember his name, but I’d know him if I saw him. He doesn’t have a chin and looks like an aids victim. All the arrogant cronies he brings with him are all pretty much the same. The funny thing is they never break the top 5 or even top ten. LA County has SAR guys and tactical guys, and we would never bad mouth each other this way. You guys are petty, and are really making the border patrol look bad. I had to put my 2 cents in for what it’s worth. Sorry.

  • Mark ‘the hammer” Coleman

    Ass Tonished,

    I’m not a wanna bee, I’m a gonna bee and by that I mean Bortac. I’m not interested in being some nurse on a rappel line. When the “hammer” comes down a rope it’s going to be to kick sum ass not pass out cereal bars.

  • One Man Army


    You’re probably right about “the Hammer” and “Randleman” being wanna bee’s but whoever told them about Borstar is correct. I’ve seen this first hand. Borstar is not a tactical team. They have slacked standards and a very easy school…nothing “special” about them Sir. Borstar comes across to me as being the wanna bee’s.

    I’m almost postitive that not one of their agents has made it through Bortac basic.


  • Astonished

    Wow, after reading these replies, I would wonder why anyone would ever want to get involved with BP special ops. All of you monkeys keep posting your dribble but most of you are nothing but a bunch of wannabees. I find it interesting that those that are actually performing are not posting any comments. That, people, is called quiet professionalism, usually displayed by those who have been there and done that. All of you monkeys that are spouting ill content against either team apparantly have zero experience or are very insecure with your ability. All of you are bringing bad light upon the BP and the spec ops community within our ranks. Good job, you deserve it.

  • Sean McCorkle

    Phillips has been humilated. I don’t he’ll ever post on the internet again.

  • Mark “the hammer” Coleman

    “Unfortunately BORSTAR has morphed itself into something it was not originally designed to do”

    Amen to that and true. It has become an easy way for the guys and gals lol who can’t pass a Bortac selection course to slide into so called Special Operations world, “Special” and “Tactical” is so over used especially by Borstar agents. In all seriousness I don’t have a problem with search and rescue teams but that’s what you are and leave it at that or go through a Bortac selection course.

    Kevin good to see you back from that bad staph infection. Phillips where do you train at tough guy? post your gym and address.

  • Kevin Randleman

    Hey Yung,

    Why don’t you go make me some kung pow chicken and STFU!


    You’re a poser and a quitter. I’m in the explorer program right now but my idol who by the way is “Bortac” has dialed me into you phony tactical wanna bees. You guy’s are nurses, you know it and I know it. Tell me about your demanding selection course. Tell me about the attrition rate. Tell me how many split tails you have on Borstar. That’s what I thought tough guy. Keep running your mouth behind the safety of the key board.

    Sean McCorkman

  • I like tactical jack’s style. He’s a real man! Mark the hammer is an f-ing pussy. He was probably molested by his dad. That’s what I think. He’s just another dickless BORTAC queer trying to compensate for doing jack shit. Go catch some aliens mark the hammer and quit wasting tax payer money surfing the internet and cleaning your mp-5 you are waiting to point at another poor alien looking for a better life.

  • Tactical Jack Philips

    Hey Mark “the Hammer” Coleman, It is obvious that you are SCARED of us top dogs in BORSTAR. Have the brass to publish your real name. I am posting mine you step it up. And your ignorance of the number of BORSTAR and BORTAC trained agents is apparent that you are not even a BORTACO. In fact, I would be willing to bet that you’re not even a BPA. Your posts show that you are a dumbass. REAL BORTAC’er would be proud to post their name and their view. Just like this REAL BORSTAR agent. Don’t hide behind the key board Mark “the hammer” Coleman or did you mean Mark “I’m scared/pussy” Coleman.

  • Mark “the hammer” Coleman

    I’m no two year wonder. I’ve been in for 1 1/2 years and will go out for a real team BORTAC” and earn it. lol @ Bortards course. Don’t you have broad agents on that team? lol

  • Mark “the hammer” Coleman

    Seriously you clowns should wear a nurses gown out there and mark your vehicles with a red cross.
    Put up the tac gear and give it to the real dudes “BORTAC” who are trained to handle business.

  • Mark “the hammer” Coleman

    “I left after day 16”

    lol Sure you did tough guy…what a pussy quitter. The quitters alway’s have excuses. You quit. Yeah tac nurse you stay tactical without ever going through a real selection course. You just put on the gear and keep pretending. Just keep patching up tonk feet and passing out cereal bars tough guy.

    Bortaco’s who went to Bortard???? really how many are there? 1 0r two. Now answer me how many Bortaco flunkies went to Bortard?

    REACT C’mon they worked in the most restrictive political sector in the BP. San Diego’s sector upper management were a bunch of gutless pussies. REACT didn’t do squat except perform regular line duites.

  • Tactical Jack Philips

    It is obvious that “the hammer” is just a keyboard tough guy. I am the one making sure that BORSTAR stays tactical. I went through BORTAC it was joke. I left after day 16 because I couldn’t stop laughing at the fools trying to get in my face. I would GnP every single one of these wanna be tough guys. So, you want a real team contact El Paso teams or TCA teams.

  • Good job trying to represent your team mark the hammer. You are an f-ing tool dude. You are probably a 2 year wonder or just an idiot, but probably both. You are probably one of the many BORTAC/SRT guys that went out for BORSTAR and quit, or failed a test because you aren’t that smart. Funny thing is, the most squared away guys on BORTAC are the guys that are also BORSTAR qualified. BORTAC got rid of REACT because they had a better team, plain and simple. REACT had a tougher academy and was more organized. BORTAC should try to follow in their footsteps, but with losers like you on the team it will be impossible. REACT is far superior to BORTAC and that will never change. So hide behind the keyboard mark the hammer cause now REACT hates you too.

  • Mark ‘the hammer” Coleman

    oh yeah and you REACT and SRT pussies need to let it go. You boy’s are the JV team so lighten up and stop taking yourself too serious.

    Kimbo Slice you couldn’t talk for 12 rounds without gassing, You’re a D level fighter at best and soon you’ll be exposed and back to fighting sloppy bums in Miami.

  • Mark ‘the hammer” Coleman

    Tac nurse,

    I could care less about what the public or other agencies think. You clowns are the ones on the PR mission. Now your sneaking your way into the tactical world where you have no business. That is unless your ready to go to a real schoool like BORTAC. BORTAC is about handling business not phony rescues and fluff. Just stick to your hyped up first aid and STFU.

  • Campo Agent

    REACT lives!
    p.s. I laughed my ass off from the Heath Nichol out shooting REACT comment. Clueless! Who’s this Vargas tough guy?

  • cagagent

    As an agent who has worked with both teams (1200 area) i was really impressed with the Bortacos not so much with borstar. borstar tactical? how about the time we spent days looking for a service isssue the a borstar agent lost in the brush? (oops! im not sure i was suppose to mention that!) but thats o.k. im glad that a concerned citizen and not a crazy backpacker found the weapon and turned it in.

  • C

    You know, “regular” border patrol agents do the same thing on a daily basis. Unfortunately BORSTAR has morphed itself into something it was not originally designed to do. If you want to feature a tactical unit that goes over and above a “regular” agent, talk to BORTAC. They were designed to do high-risk missions, domestically and abroad. BORSTAR was originally designed to be a technical rescue unit, trained in medical response and technical rescue. These days, they spend more time in SWAT-style schools and doing “operations” then they do rescuing people in difficult to access situations.

    There are “regular” agents out there who are certified EMTs, that do the medical response the same as BORSTAR, minus the helicopters and ropes. And most of the time, these EMTs are better able to provide care than BORSTAR agents because the EMTs spend more time staying current in their protocol knowledge and going to required continuing education. Unfortunately, BORSTAR gets all the praise in any situation when people are injured, even if they weren’t there to play any significant role, because everyone associated BORSTAR with emergency medicine.

    As far as the high speed gear they get and the latitude to work on their own, all Border Patrol agents work alone, in remote areas, facing groups of many all alone, every day. The only problem is they are not given the tools that BORSTAR gets because it’s considered “tactical” and requires training. Weapon mounted lights, special sights, broomstick handles, slings; all of these are, at a minimum, frowned upon for the “regular agents” if not downright prohibited. Even sometimes the M-4 rifles them selves. “Regular” agents are sent out on shift with nothing but their sidearm in some areas, because an M-4 makes them appear too similar to military, or is deemed too intimidating. Never mind that it is considered our primary weapon by policy, or that it may equalize the firefight if you happen to get into one.

    If you talk to the original designers of BORSTAR (who are still employed as Border Patrol agents, now in upper management positions) it was initially designed to be technical rescue. They were designed to work at their stations and do regular patrol duties, but be trained in a provided with the technical rescue equipment to pull someone out of a ravine or fast-moving water should the need arise. Over the years they have forced their way into the “tactical” house by justifying their presence in dignitary protection missions, warrant service missions, and becoming a permanent unit who does not perform the job that a Border Patrol agent is supposed to perform. Along with their increased workload, comes increased ego, which at this point has elevated to prima-donna status at this point in history. They consider themselves better than “regular” agents and I have heard them speak about being better than BORTAC on more than one occasion. Those who wrote the program concept and got it going are highly dissatisfied with the way they act these days, and wash their hands of them.

    So before you talk about how they get better equipment and are better trained than “regular” agents, make sure you understand the whole story. Come talk to “regular” agents and see the BS they have to put up with because of BORSTAR. Come watch EMT agents wait for hours at the bottom of a canyon with a patient in bad shape, in extreme climates for BORSTAR to show up and help out, only to take the credit for the whole scenario. Go to the BORSTAR office and look at their roster for the week and see where all their personnel are at and then figure out how much manpower they have to actually rescue the agent that hurts themselves in the field chasing a group of aliens over rough terrain on foot. Or see the aliens who refuse to walk out of an area that they walked into, but now that they have been apprehended, they magically have injuries that require BORSTAR to set up ropes and rappel into the area and winch them out, meanwhile the agent is walking in and out of the area during the whole incident.

    Irresponsible journalism strikes again. But it’s probably not all your fault; BORSTAR is not going to tell you the whole story at the detriment to their own image.

  • I’ve got a few points here. First off whoever tony acosta is, that dude has to have down syndrome or some crap. As for mark “the hammer”. I hope civilians and other agencies are reading this. Do you see how the Border Patrol Tactical Unit really is? BORSTAR gets some accolades and they trash them on front street. Saving lives is a waste of tax payer money? How so? Has the hammer ever saved any lives? Oh, I forgot, he’s a killer. How many people has he killed then? He probably couldn’t do it if he had the chance. Pointing MP-5s at little kids isn’t a waste of tax payer money though. I know BORSTAR agents who have actually saved other agents lives. How is that a waste of tax payer money? If you don’t know who BORTAC is, just read the beginning of the blog. This is how BORTAC gets theirs, by bringing others down. The article says nothing about BORTAC, yet they need to be included. Hey mark “the hammer”, go do your own shit and leave others alone. Same with that down syndrome kid tony acosta. How does something cool that a BORSTAR agent did have anything to do with you or SRT/BORTAC? I do hope that other agencies, civilians, and Border Patrol Agents not passed their probation read this blog and see how these guys are. You got it right hammer, saving lives is gay. I’m sure Chief Aguilar, DHS, and congress would feel the same.

  • Mark ‘the hammer” Coleman

    “Yet for these agents, takedown of large groups has become routine. As such, their operating methods much more proactive than any other law enforcement agency. While street cops move forward cautiously on a vehicle stop, BORSTAR agents usually rush the vehicle to minimize the attempts for escape”

    WTF…every BP agent does that. there’s alot of fluff in that article for a bunch of nurses in tac gear.

  • Mark ‘the hammer” Coleman


    WTF are you mumbling about? The border is a dangerous enviroment, it’s not Irag true. As far as the “vets” coming back and talking shit, most of them were probably REMF’s. BORTAC has sent agents to Irag. Keep running your mouth and I’ll give you some GnP. Borstar is ghey!!!!ya hear me…Ghey!!!what a waste of tax payer money.

  • Chief Aguilar

    Tank you BORSTAR for safing me life.

  • There has to be alot of returning military who join the Border Patrol after returning from Iraq who laugh their ass off at BORTAC. I’ve seen these guys walk around with more M4 magazines attached to their double drop down holsters than the third Marine division, and they were just going to the gas station.
    Getting gased, staying up for along time and humping around is hard, but it doesnt do shit for you but make you think your an “elite unit”. Real world experience is needed to achieve that, not a bunch of gay gear and a fancy acronym.

  • yung c

    I can’t believe that loser talking about opsec. It’s still only aliens you f-ing dork. What opsec? Are you catching bin-ladden? You ain’t doing crap you dork. Who would you ever pull a trigger on besides some little kid throwing a rock? Get a freaking life. I can’t believe the brainwashing you guys go through.


    BORSTAR is hand down a squared away team when it comes down to EMT life. BORSTAR does train in tactics, though their main focus is in medics. BORSTAR should not be compared to BORTAC for the simple reason that both team have their own specialized training. Both teams are extremely squared away and professional. USBP keep up the great work.


    What a fag—>
    Mike Says:
    June 6th, 2008 at 11:59 am
    All PA’s work the brush and pound the ground, and for tactical ops check out BORTAC, it is world class. Border Patrol operates in all climates, from the Arizona desert through Maine’s frozen ground to the dense jungles of Puerto Rico.

  • All of this talk about BORSTAR makes me sick. This no load cant hang compromising component within the tactical realm of the Border Patrol gives me undiluted disgust. Yeah, it’s true, they have marketed themselves, to the weak spineless elected officials who would sell their mamas soul for a dollar in Mexico. Why not give BORSTAR a bigger budget. That’s the American way now. That’s the principle ambition of the liberal elite. And their perfumed collared princess leaders, wow! And I have witnessed their so called rescues. 99% of every alien I apprehended was crying for something. BORSTAR picks up some poor alien walking down the road that’s thirsty and it is a rescue. Give them water, cereal bar, rub their feet and tomorrow they are running again. Let’s appease Mexico. Hell, why not go to Afghanistan and rescue a few Taliban. BORSTAR personnel live in 69 degree condos with their family while on detail paid for by the tax payers in the middle of July while SRT is living in tents in their area of operation. And I have seen their brotherhood. It’s watered down. Now BORTAC, that brotherhood is a privileged place. And what of an accidental discharge of a weapon. I know a BORSTAR agent that left his pistol belt with weapon behind at an unsecured area and it was turned over to another agency. How about difference in the training, BORTAC will grain it into your soul to be vigilant at all times, and the endless need to watch out for their teammates and keep that six covered. BORSTAR couldn’t fight their way out of a pissed soaked paper bag. I would rather die in a blaze of glory and be carried out on a poncho liner by SRT than be rescued by BORSTAR.

  • big hoss

    I can’t believe they are talking smack on heath nichol! Not only did he pass BORSTAR with flying colors, he out shoot anybody on REACT easily, and he just an RPA! And I know nobody would say anything about vargas to his face, cause he’s a fighter.

  • redman

    BORTAC and SRT are the same thing you f-ing retard. No gives a dam about defending anything behind a keyboard big guy, get an f-ing life you loser. Don’t take yourself or your team so seriously. You’re not in the military and never will be so give it up. I’m not even in Border Patrol and can see that it’s all a bunch of crap. Putting your name up is just freaking stupid. Go figure….

  • Yung chris

    I know and respect a lot of BORSTAR guys. They were well on their way until they started this stupid “national” team. One of their best guys tried to come out for BORTAC and didn’t have the “heart” if you know what I mean. You know a team sucks when they have chicks in there. How could you even call them special ops with an academy that easy? Gimmie an f-ing break. Like I said, I respect a lot of those guys, but this “national” deal in paticular is big mess.

  • Mark Coleman

    BORTAC and BORSTAR are not even close to being the same thing. Many BORTAR agents may think they are and their probably the same guys who washed out of BORTAC basic.

    BORTAR is a gentlemens course of first aid/rappeling/land nav. They have about a 100 % graduation rate.

    BORTAC has a gut check basic ie; limited sleep, sand bags in rucks, fuck fuck games, high markmenship and PT standards. Before you take the BORTAC PT test your up all night getting fucked with and dogged out, bascially a serious kick in the nuts before you get any advanced tactical training.

    BORTAR got a shit load of money and attention because the BP management wanted PR, a warm and fuzzy team saving lives, even though regular line agents had been doing the same thing for years.

    • 1stgruprockhalo

      Guys, I enjoyed reading your comments. I am a PA with both pair of wings and very proud of it. Prior to BP I was an Army MP and finished my Army career reclassing as a Special Forces, Green Beret. All were a kick in the ass and all serve a vital role in today’s threats. Thanks

  • Mark Coleman

    “BORSTAR” is a joke it was the public relations team that BP management wanted to parade in front of the public back in the mid 90’s when tonks were dying in the easy county of San Diego. You know when the BP went warm and fuzzy. Community store fronts and BORSTAR. Borstar is not even close to being in the same league has BORTAC or SRT. Jesus look at the attrition rates for BORTAC compared to BORSTAR. BORTAC has about a 75% drop out rate on average sometimes more.

    BORTAC basic is a gut check school limited sleep, sand bags in rucks, fuck fuck games, before you get any advanced training you go through a selection process.

    BORSTAR is full of BORTAC flunkies, that’s a cold fact ! it’s a gentlemens course of land nav/first aid/rappeling. The two teams have different mind sets. BORTAC/SRT are aggressive stomp a mud hole in you types, BORSTAR agents get boners from giving someone an IV or putting mole skin on a blister.

    It’s too bad the BP turned so ghey that they highlite a shake n bake search and rescue team before a specialized enforcement team. BORTAC and BORSTAR are not even close to being the same thing, if you say that your full of shit and probably failed BORTAC basic.

  • OGB

    Thanks Mr Baum.

    You got it right; I’m surprised some of these guys can type.


    This article pretty much describes nearly every agent in the Patrol. If it had been focused more on the search and rescue mission it would be more accurate. I would never downplay that aspect of the team.

  • Tony Acosta

    If you don’t believe that we are the best then maybe you should read the following.

    BORTAC’S tears cure cancer. Too bad they only cry if they have to process.
    BORTAC does not sleep. They wait.
    BORTAC is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for their left and right legs.
    The chief export of BORTAC is pain.
    If you can see BORTAC, they can see you. If you can’t see BORTAC, you may be only seconds away from death.
    BORTAC does not hunt because the word hunting implies the probability of failure. BORTAC goes killing.
    BORTAC doesn’t wash their clothes, they disembowel them.
    In fine print on the last page of the Guinness Book of World Records it notes that all world records are held by BORTAC, and those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone else has ever gotten.
    Crop circles are BORTAC’S way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie the f*** down.
    The Great Wall of China was originally created to keep BORTAC out. It failed miserably.
    BORTAC drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls.
    There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures BORTAC allows to live.
    The quickest way to a man’s heart is with a BORTAC agent’s fist.
    A Handicap parking sign does not signify that their spot is for handicapped people. It is actually in fact a warning, that the spot belongs to BORTAC and that you will be handicapped if you park there.
    Nagasaki never had a bomb dropped on it. The BORTAC team jumped out of a plane and punched the ground.
    The opening scene of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” is loosely based on games of dodge ball BORTAC played in second grade.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is based on a true story: A BORTAC Agent once swallowed a turtle whole, and when he crapped it out, the turtle was six feet tall and had learned karate.
    BORTAC is not hung like a horse… horses are hung like BORTAC
    Time waits for no men. Unless those men are BORTAC. .
    In an average living room there are 1,242 objects BORTAC could use to kill you, including the room itself.
    There are no weapons of mass destruction. Just BORTAC.
    A BORTAC agent once ate a whole cake before their friends could tell him there was a stripper in it.
    There are no races, only countries of people BORTAC has beaten to different shades of black and blue. .
    When BORTAC agents falls in water, the BORTAC agent doesn’t get wet. Water gets BORTAC.
    The BORTAC teams urine was the main ingredient for balco’s designer steroids. Therefore, BORTAC is actually the all-time single-season home run king.
    In honor of BORTAC, all McDonald’s in Mexico have an even larger size than the super-size. When ordering, just ask to be “BORTACsized”.
    The grass is always greener on the other side, unless BORTAC has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears. .
    Wilt Chamberlain claims to have slept with more than 20,000 women in his lifetime. BORTAC calls this “a slow Tuesday.”

  • Jarrod Macavoy

    Peter North, I will forgive you your slight since I’m a huge fan. You really pasted Jenna Jameson in one of your later flicks. I met you in a mall in San Clemente a few years ago remember? You’re much shorter in person. If anyone’s got sugar in their tank, its Kimbo Slice hands down. I’m at peace with the beatings I took as a teenager. aliens get theirs because I don’t like the way they talk.

  • Jenna Jameson

    Tactical shmactical. I have been with a BORTAC,BORSTAR,and AMU guy and without a doubt BORTAC guys know what they are doing “everywhere”.

  • Ali G

    Yo big ups to my main man buzz lightyear. We beez near da border and deez blokes be killin it on the regular. They be BORSTAR and wrekin’ it in full effect. Booyah kasha! Keep it real…

  • Chivara

    The bottom line is that BORSTAR makes the desert safer for aliens and SRT and BORTAC makes is safer for agents. Which would you want to do? For those that don’t know, agents don’t fire a single round their whole academy or even carry a gun. Not much tactical there. For you REACT guys, get over it and go BORSTAR.

  • Peter North

    I’ve actually been involved with both teams. Both teams do have their place. Both are well trained and respected. I hate to say that BORTAC just doesn’t have a lot to do. BORSTAR keeps their plate really full and knows how to market themselves. Been there done both, and got another job. It’s still only illegals aliens guys. Jarrod Macavoy sounds like he might be a little light in the loafers if you know what I mean…..another guy who probably takes his years of getting beat up in high school out on the illegals.

  • Tony Acosta SDC/SRT

    Simply, BORSTAR performs dangerous work and they are extremely squared away in the Search and Rescue World. But when this magazine reached out to them who wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to promote the team. Tucson SRT did the same in 2000 when SOF called. The difference being that if the Medical Journal would have been calling, they would have actually made the right call. They would have referred them to BORSTAR. If this article had been printed in a medical magazine this wouldn’t be an issue. Well maybe not, but only because they didn’t exist in Tucson Sector yet.

    The SRT community counts on BORSTAR. They are critical in SRT operations. But unfortunately for the writer of this article, we ask them to bring a medical bag to the dance, not an M-4. Not even the BORSTAR Medic that is depicted in this picture and I know him would defend this article. Defending this article from behind the keyboard isn’t the same. Not one of them would actually sit and have this conversation with members of SDC’s or TCA’s sector SRT’s. Another thing don’t lump the SRT’s in with BORTAC (it aint the same thing). Bringing an M4 and a lack of tactical training to the field is done everyday on the line. It’ll work, but it isn’t a tactical operation.
    If this article had been printed in a medical magazine this wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Jarrod Macavoy

    I don’t know man, we lost all our BORSTAR guys in my BORTAC class. One of ’em couldn’t even do basic knots. For all those who don’t hear about BORTAC/SRT accomplishments. Its for this reason alone: BORTAC by its own nature doesn’t broadcast its missions.

    Don’t you love how every blog has its own ‘Mr Grammar’ picking apart typos and associating them with one’s intelligence. You need better material dude.

  • Barak Obama

    The reasons you ladies don’t hear about SRT/BORTAC OPS are: #1 they are none of your business and #2 it’s called OPSEC. We don’t broadcast our missions or highlight our accomplishments, it’s called professionalism.

  • DJ Jazzy Jeff

    Yo, Them BORSTAR are cool guys. I’m producing an album titled BORSTIZZLE in the Heezzy.

    Peace out

  • joe

    My last comment: I work as an operator for one of the mentioned teams. I must say that BORSTAR, SRT and BORTAC all play a vital role for the U.S.B.P. Each team should be well respected and given it’s praise.

  • Captain Planet

    “do What” didn’t do REACT I guess. He must be another 2 year wonder. That was before his time. What a loser….

  • joe

    For Mr. “Do What?” To correct you. The last BORTAC selection course had a BORSTAR member graduate. BORSTAR members have attended and graduated several of the last BORTAC selection courses. Therefore your last comments stand corrected.

  • Kimbo Slice

    I once went 12 rounds with an REACT agent and couldn’t finish him. But, I’ve knocked out a BORSTAR, BORTAC, and AMU guy within seconds of each other. I’m just sayin…

    See ya my nizzles

  • Grammar Police

    Do what? Before you try to bash anyone, give spell check a shot. It may make your opinion more valued. Then again, it probably won’t make much of a difference.

    It is warrant by the way.

  • Raul Duke

    I hope “do what isn’t trying to stick up for BORTAC with that spelling and grammar. He probably got the high school diploma waiver to even get into the Border Patrol, if he even is. BORTAC is just showing how ridiculous they are with all this hate speech about BORSTAR. I’ve seen both teams, and let me tell you, BORSTAR is in better shape physically and mentally. Obviously. I hope my words aren’t to big for “do what” to read.

  • Tucson RPA

    The only reason I would go out for BORTAC is if I esacaped joining the military and wanted to play army men on the border. The fact that they “don’t arrest illegals” makes them completly worthless. At least BORSTAR performs what they practice for.

  • COL Curtz

    Good job putting down BORSTAR Mr. “DO WHAT”. Learn how to spell and go have another AD tough guy.

  • Do WHAT?

    Hey Todd, ever heard of the strong survive. That is why REACT is gone and BORTAC is still here. As far as BORSTAR being tactical, they simply have the budget to buy gear to look tactical but that’s it. They are armed nurses nothing more. Line agetns do more work, and anyone can stick an IV in a alien. The last two BORSTAR agents that came out for a BORTAC selection course both nearly died. What’s that tell you? The artical should be about checking feet. Talk to BORTAC and SRT if you want to know about “Tactical Life”.

  • Do WHAT?

    Check feet or serve warrents? BORSTAR or BORTAC that is the “real truth”. BORSTAR would have to leave the office to get a taste of and “tactical life”.

  • Real Tac. Life

    BORSTAR is a great medical response team and has a spacific role. They want to be tactical, but do not want to go through a BORTAC selection course to become tactical. They have the budget to buy what they want in order to look tactical but that is as far as it goes. “Desert nurse” Ring any bells? The line agents do more work than BORSTAR. The BP promotes saving lifes not taking lifes. That is why BORSTAR get the press and BORTAC and SRT get the real tactical life.

  • Martin (Douglas, AZ)

    Quit the bashing. Close to 200 illegal entrants die in the Tucson, AZ Sector. Borstar saves lives of illegal entrants that get lost or hurt in the desert. Can you stand up to the challenge. Didn’t think.

  • Raw Dawg

    This is supposed to be an article about BORSTAR and the great things they have accomplished and BORTAC can’t handle it. What gives? BORTAC should go do their own missions and leave BORSTAR alone. BORTAC should just use BORTAR’s success as motivation to become a more efficient unit. If I had to chose a team, I’d go with BORSTAR everytime. The main reason for that is I just don’t know what their track record is? What do they do?

  • Royce Gracie

    I’ll choke all of you out. BORSTAR,BORTAC, AMU whoever. I’m the man!!!

  • AZ

    Both BORSTAR and BORTAC have their place within Border Patrol, they both go through intense training. What I appreciate about BORSTAR is that they seem to be more emergency/worldwide adaptable. In addition, of being federal law enforcement trained, they are medically trained, trained for water rescue, etc…

  • Jarrod Macavoy

    Mr. Vargas, how’s the fence crew? How’d you get there again??
    And what’s a BORSTAR flunkie like Heath doing passing judgement on SRT?

  • big hoss

    I wonder how many actual armed encounters BORTAC has been involved in? Have they ever even pulled the trigger on anyone other than some poor illegal alien? BORSTAR rescues hundreds of people every year. The way most people see it, is that BORSTAR can back up their training with real world ops. BORTAC can’t measure up either physically or operationally. The proof is in the pudding

  • Todd

    BORTAC is a REACT wanna-be outfit. They could’t handle that they were weaker and inferior to REACT so they snuffed the team, just so they could be the “TACTICAL TEAM” What a joke.

  • joe

    Alot of people like to “bash” BORSTAR. Either they are jealous or enveous. In any case if someone is in trouble…BORSTAR is the unit that will save your BUTT. All U.S. Border Patrol Special Operations Teams are “squared away”. I have seen worse from various other departments.

  • Van Dam

    It’s funny to see how jealous BORTAC gets when BORSTAR gets all the kuddos. If I ever join a team I want to be on BORSTAR. Those guys are professional and knowledgeable. The BORTAC guys just think they are.

  • Chuck Norris

    BORTAC really is a joke these days. They used to be the elite team until BORSTAR came around. They are riding the coatails of BORSTAR now. BORSTAR does it all. Look in the media. Who are all the articles about? I agree with the others about getting the sherriff’s department swat in there if you want real tactical operators. The sad part is they feel like thay have to put BORSTAR down to make themselves feel better.

  • Mike

    All PA’s work the brush and pound the ground, and for tactical ops check out BORTAC, it is world class. Border Patrol operates in all climates, from the Arizona desert through Maine’s frozen ground to the dense jungles of Puerto Rico.

  • Txmedic

    Some agents are certified as EMT’s at different skill levels all of which include line agents and special operation teams. No matter what you do if you get hurt you’re still going to need an EMT in any situation and all agents can enter a hot zone whether you’re SRT or not and who better to do this than BORSTAR (all-around), EVEN SPECIAL OPS call 911!

  • You have got to be kidding!! Why is borstar featured in a tactical website. The website should be Boys-Life not Tactical-Life.

  • Chuck Terry

    I’m on the Los Angeles SWAT team and have worked with BORSTAR in the recent past, and let me tell you these guys have their act together. Their CQC is second to none and their medic skills are top notch. They are the Border Patrol’s finsest no doubt.

  • john

    What a joke… Don’t let the contents of the article fool you they are glorified EMT’s. They are NOT Tactical by any means. Give it a break if you want to claim you are tactical come out for BORTAC or SRT, premadonna’s!!!!

  • Chuck Terry

    SRT and BORTAC are no match for the AMU. The AMU is the supreme tactical unit hands down.

  • Tony huh?

    i worked with BORSTAR and BORTAC in Katrina, those BORSTAR guys were squared away. all i remember about BORTAC is that they had an accidental discharge and tried to blame it on another unit. im just sayin…

  • One day, I’ll be just like those guys!

  • tim thompson

    I’ve heard alot about BORSTAR. That seems like a dangerous job but they get top notch training. The Border Patrol SRT units are always a day late and a dollar short.

  • Randy

    The Border Patrol Tactical Units refer to BORSTAR as “pecker checkers”.

  • carlos vargas

    i agree with Heath, some of those srt guys are a joke.

  • Heath Nichol

    If you want an EMT call BORSTAR, if you need a tactical team call the sherriff’s department. SRT trains but they have no actual experience doing anything live. You can teach a monkey to do what they do.

  • Jake tongin

    I’ve seen some BORSTAR officers when I was in Iraq. Those are some squared away operators.

  • joe

    BORSTAR not only functions as a search and rescue team which includes each member being either an NREMT-B or NREMT-P, they also perform tactical medical functions. BORTAC is the primary Tactical team for the U.S.B.P., but BORSTAR performs tactical medical support for BORTAC missions. 99% of all BORTAC and BORSTAR missions are in rural enviroments, but if you take these two teams and combine them to perform a specific mission….There is nothing that these two teams can’t accomplish. It is to be further noted that U.S. Border Patrol “Line Agents” are the “Primary Foundation” of the Border Patrol! These Agents are what support “Specialized Teams”.

  • Dingoboy

    Good job guys. Finally some recognition for BP.

  • Tony

    Are you kidding me…If you want an EMT call BORSTAR. If you want a Tactical Team Call Border Patrol’s SRT. Unbelievable!

  • Burt Chavira

    If you think those guys are pretty good at what they do, look into Border Patrol SRT units or BORTAC the Border Patrol Tactical Unit. Now those guys are impressive.

  • juarez

    All agents do this not only BORSTAR.