FN’s SCAR & FBI adopted rifle

FN showed off their SCAR rifles (pictured above). As people…


FN showed off their SCAR rifles (pictured above). As people stand anticipating the civilian semi-auto version of the SCAR rifle, Tactical-Life.com was told by FN insiders that it is in ATF hands waiting final approval. We would expect it to be available in 2009 and we’re sure it will be well received.


Another interesting thing we learned about FN at NASGW was that their FN-A3G SPR bolt action sniper rifle has been one of two rifles adopted by the FBI. This rifle features a match quality trigger, bedded action and McMillan stock.

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  • Jay

    FN SCARs are excellent weapons. I will neither confirm nor deny which model is in my inventory, but very fine hardware. FN over-engineers their weapons. Very nice and no complaints yet.

  • G.d.T. II

    Tactical Life is off the hook.The FN SCAR 17 is going to be truly a real winner in the USA.It will probably outsell any other rifle in its class.Price likely $3,300.00 Available 2010 Jan. to June Time Frame.I need a t-shirt with the FN SCAR and logo on it.Now if only they would cut us a deal on five magazines with the rifle purchase. My favorite beer Stella Artois is also Belgium.