Hitting targets in front of your car through the windshield…

Hitting targets in front of your car through the windshield is not only possible, but sometimes critical.

The moment a gunfight begins, it is a fight for survival. All political correctness and semantics aside, it is a fight—one that most police officers are often never trained to win. Training that prepares officers for this reality is rare and rarely ever affordable. A recent trip to Oak Harbor, Washington, made it clear that real, practical training is still available, and at reasonable rates. Enter Graham Combat, the most useful pistol and rifle training I have attended in years. It really is essential for any police officer or firearms instructor.

New Approach
Graham Combat is not a large training company with many instructors. It’s mostly just Matt Graham. Matt is a former police officer in Washington state and recipient of that state’s Medal of Honor. He has been a Federal Air Marshal and is currently a contractor providing firearms and tactical instruction for the Department of Defense. He currently teaches many of the best trained operators in the world in small arms, with tactics and a combat mindset.

Time is incredibly critical in a gunfight. The most accurate shooter in the world loses the fight if he takes incoming rounds first.

Unlike many instructors these days with zero real-world know-how and only state-of-the-art marketing, Matt is all about the training—not the hype. He brings real-world experience and practical application to the range and does so in a calm and professional manner. Having attended thousands of hours of training from the best, Matt Graham is the real deal, and it was incredibly refreshing to train with someone more interested in the students than his resume.

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  • Patrick McCurdy

    Nice Article, Dave. I couldn’t agree with you more. I was also lucky to attend this excellent course. After three days, I was wet, tired, bloody (literally) and dirty. Several days later, after extensively cleaning my kit, I still found sand in my magazine pouches. I can’t wait to train with Matt again! The course made apparent some of the realities of the real-life environment where I work every day as a police officer. It helped me to develop and hone tactics that are critical, and will unquestionably be life-saving if I ever need to use them. Simply being able to actually shoot into, through, over, under and from the inside of a car and engage targets is something that is critcal, but frowned upon by most ranges. It was money well spent, and I’m definitely planning to attend another course by Matt soon.