Jersey Tactical CLAW

On April 30, 2012 as the Freedom Tower approached the…

On April 30, 2012 as the Freedom Tower approached the height of the Empire State building, Saxon Security and Silverstein properties, who oversees construction of all World Trade Center buildings except for the Freedom Tower itself, hosted a training cycle at 7 World Trade Center for its employees in the use of its newest emergency rescue tool, the Jersey Tactical CLAW.

Jersey Tactical, creators of the all-in-one 10lbs rescue tool The CLAW taught Silverstein employees in the proper use of the CLAW for breaching, doors, locks and standard construction walls.

The CLAW was created to give an emergency professional (public or private) a one stop tool that is simple to use and can be implemented by anyone to save lives.


The CLAW’s handle is made out of a non-conductive composite material and its head out of forged steel. It can’t be broken and can defeat most access points in a structure.

Silverstein’s intimate attachment to “Ground Zero” focused them on the need to equip its personnel with a tool that could save lives and they selected the JTC CLAW.


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