The 31st Modern Day Marine Exposition held at MCB Quantico…

The 31st Modern Day Marine Exposition held at MCB Quantico was a combination of events and displays for the latest weapons, equipment and support systems made by American and international manufacturers—all designed, as Marine Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills said during the opening ceremonies, “to look for adaptive ways to get the right equipment to the most lethal fighting force ever seen.”

Responding to feedback from Marines in combat, manufacturers showed products and services that would make Leathernecks faster, lighter and stronger warriors. Once again, Lt. Gen. Mills summed it up perfectly: “Victory on the battlefield is the ultimate goal of each and every one of us. We will continue to scare the hell out of our enemies.”

Here are some of the outstanding and forward-thinking products noted at the expo, and be sure to check out the January 2011 issue of Tactical Weapons for more coverage.

Tactical Tailor Plate Carrier (above)
Designed with front, back and side pockets for ballistic armor with channels for water tubes and communications, the new Tactical Tailor plate carrier is made for exertive use while providing full center of mass coverage. The flame resistant carrier is made for easy (and less effort) doning and doffing from the side because when magazines are hung from the front, getting a regular plate carrier becomes problematic. The padded nylon carrier is equipped with air channels for improved airflow for cooling. All colors will be available with an MSRP of about $285. (; 866-984-7854)

BCB International SQ-4 NUAS
The SQ-4 Nano Unmanned Aerial System (NUAS) is a near-featherweight remote controlled mini-UAV that is also capable of pre-programmed autonomous flight. At only 21 ounces, with four near-silent helicopter rotors, the NUAS can quietly hover or fly up to 400 feet at speeds up to 8 meters per second. It can even perch on objects to stare with its day or night video camera. The SQ-4 is controlled by a handheld remote control unit and provides the link for real-time video feed from the cameras as well as information such as the latitude and longitude of the vehicle, the distance between the location and the home point, and the direction to the home point. The SQ-4 has a flight endurance of about 15 minutes with a mission radius of about 1.5km. (; 585-615-7900)

DSG Multi Environment Ammunition
DSG offers Multi Environment Ammunition (MEA) designed to enhance the performance of standard weapons with extended range, better accuracy and enhanced armor-piercing capability. More significantly, the MEA “supercavitating” projectiles provide shooters straight-line, high-velocity accuracy when faced with hitting a target after an air/water phase change.
That means the specially designed and constructed bullets can hit targets submerged in water or if the shooter is underwater firing at targets above the surface. How? The bullets are specifically made to stay encapsulated in an air bubble (like some hyper-velocity torpedoes) so that the projectile never touches the water, which would normall cause fragmentation or drag and loss of accuracy. (

Airtronic MK 777 American RPG
More commonly seen as a “bad guy” weapon, the classic RPG is one of the most successful weapons ever made. Even though our warfighters train allied troops in its use and even deploy them while embedded with foreign forces, they have to rely on non-American manufacturers with inconsistent quality control and questionable, old or downright dangerous energetics. Airtronic USA, Inc., has been awarded a contract as the sole supplier of RPG launchers to the U.S. military. The MK 777 (taken from the unloaded weight of the American-made RPG-7, 7.77 lbs) has a 36-inch-long, carbon-composite-wrapped 40mm bore made by ATK with a life of about 250 rounds. The MK 777 has a Mil-Std-1913 upper rail for any iron or optical sight desired. Although able to use any RPG-7 projectile, Airtronic offers High Explosive/Fragmentation or High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) rounds for the MK 777. (; 847-437-0100)

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