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EOTAC VICKERS COMBAT GLOVES Designed by Larry Vickers, a retired…


Designed by Larry Vickers, a retired career special operations soldier and firearms expert, the Vicker Mid-Length Gloves offer superior performance and function. The palm is artesian table cut from a selected grade of water-repellent kidskin; the back of the hand and cuff are cut from 9-ounce DuPont Nomex interlock knit. Available in OD green or coyote brown in sizes 7-13 and 8-10 Cadet. Visit


Two former Special Forces NCO Green Berets produced their line of “Knives with Intent” to minimize bulk yet provide a lethal and functional edge. All knives are made of Crucible CPMS30V Steel Blade and then coated with SpartaCoat Tungsten DLC or Zirconium PVD, and have a Micarta grip. All models are available in flat dark earth or black in either green or tan scales. Go to


SIG SAUER has a new 5.56mm semi-auto rifle, the SIG556 SCM, for states that restrict certain features (i.e. bayonet lug, collapsible stock). It comes without a flash suppressor or plugged magazine well. The SIG556 SCM does feature a standard fixed A2-style stock, and the outstanding accuracy and reliability the SIG556 rifles are known for. The SIG556 SCM may not be compliant for California, but other states like New York and Connecticut will allow it. Find out more information at


The Police is a two-bladed folding knife. The first blade has a liner lock mechanism with a pointed blade. The second, a non-pointed blade (for cutting ropes or belts without harming the user), has an automatic mechanism that is activated by pressing a button on the side of the handle. The handles are in anticorodal aluminum for a lightweight, firm grip. Learn more at


MPRI’s SHERPA Network Core is a lightweight, flexible solution for emergency communications needs like disaster recovery, emergency management, continuity of operations or rapid infrastructure. The SHERPA provides voice, video and data in a single integrated appliance. It has the ability to withstand tough environments, supports both satellite and available terrestrial connectivity, and is interoperable with other standards-based systems. Learn about it at


An all-new line of military/law enforcement bullets is available. It features a lead-free, open-tip RRLP (Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration), a frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket and will not come apart in mid-air. The all-copper open-tip TAC-X rifle bullets are designed to track straight through barriers with full functionality at close or long range. Also available are TAC-XP (lead-free) and TAC-LR (long range). Check out all the weights and calibers offered at

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