NRA’s Law Enforcement Division offers an intense week-long Patrol Rifle…

NRA’s Law Enforcement Division offers an intense week-long Patrol Rifle Instructor school with real world tactical scenarios.

Patrol officers across America are increasingly being relied upon to provide a greater variety of services and fill an exponentially increasing series of local and national duties. As our first responders, we depend on these local police to provide everything from emergency first aid to catching terrorists. This means there is ever more information and equipment that an officer must master.

Training to most effectively use this equipment falls short far too often, whether because of time or resources. However, there is one private organization that has been in the business of helping to train law enforcement officers, and specifically the officers who train others, for more than 50 years—the National Rifle Association’s Law Enforcement Division (NRA-LED).

Training to Train
The LED currently offers seven different instructor development schools that certify new instructors to teach specific skills to other officers. These include handgun, handgun/shotgun, tactical shooting, tactical shotgun, patrol rifle, select-fire and precision rifle schools. Nearly 2,300 police and military instructors attend these schools every year, and the NRA has trained over 50,000 police instructors since the division was created.

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