Sneek Peek: XM25 (video)

ATK recently won a $68.5 million dollar contract from the…

ATK recently won a $68.5 million dollar contract from the Army to continue testing and producing its XM25 CDTE weapons system. Brigadier General Peter Fuller from the U.S. Army Program Executive Office says this weapon could be “game changing.”

So, what’s the big deal?

The XM25 system is a 25mm direct-fire grenade launcher that can be carried and fired by one soldier and has the ability to take out several enemies—even those hidden behind walls, rocks or other barricades. U.S. soldiers might not even need to call in mortar, artillery or air support as often.

Although the system is just entering its engineering and manufacturing development phase, a very small number of prototype XM25 weapons were deployed into combat operations in Afghanistan late last year.

Find out more about this groundbreaking weapon in the July 2011 issue of Tactical Weapons, where we’ll discuss the XM25, a high-tech weapon that will soon completely revolutionize our infantry units and how we fight our battles.

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