STAY SAFE MEDIA’s Forever Armed Combative Guide DVD

Most self-defense programs recognize the tremendous potential of improvised weapons…

forever-armed-slip-cover-art-dvdb101.gifMost self-defense programs recognize the tremendous potential of improvised weapons as viable defensive tools. Unfortunately, much of what is taught concerning their use is either incomplete or misguided, untested theory. To really employ improvised weapons in personal defense, you need more than James Bond-style tricks; you need sound tactics, planning and preparation, environmental awareness, and a solid training methodology. Michael Janich presents just such a plan in FOREVER ARMED.

A complete mini-system, FOREVER ARMED presents three basic combative tactics that can turn almost any object that can be wielded with one hand into a potent defensive weapon. Concentrating on simple gross-motor-skill movements, Janich’s system reveals how the “physiological potential” of these movements can generate both offensive and defensive tactics that can be used to defend against many common street attacks. In addition to the tactics themselves, Janich teaches a parallel series of reflex training or “flow” drills that not only accelerate the learning process, but also allow you to safely increase the intensity of your practice to simulate the adrenalized stress of a real street encounter.

In addition to one-handed weapons, FOREVER ARMED also presents straightforward, easy-to-learn tactics for the use of two-handed weapons and takes a critical look at improvised flexible weapons, projectile weapons, and shields. Janich also teaches you what to look for in a good improvised weapon and how to ensure you always have one available, even in weapon-free “non-permissive” environments. Along the way, he separates fact from fantasy and dispels the many myths of improvised weapon use.

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