SureStrike Laser Training System

SureStrike transforms any fully operational pistol into a laser emitting…

SureStrike transforms any fully operational pistol into a laser emitting dry-fire training weapon within a few seconds. The SureStrike has dimensions similar to those of a standard ammunition cartridge and is simply loaded into the weapon’s chamber through the breech, then held in place with a safety pipe and nut.

Activated only by the firing pin strike, the SureStrike emits a microprocessor controlled, eye-safe laser pulse, or a “shot” of red light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the pistol, would have struck. This immediate feedback results in rapid self correction and positive reinforcement. With repetition, such training creates a powerful improvement and learning process which becomes ingrained in the shooter’s muscle memory.

SureStrike practice is not limited to marksmanship. It also helps to improve techniques related to sighting, target acquisition, flinching, trigger operation and more. The user can also practice drawing, chambering, magazine change, racking the slide, and holstering, all resulting in better performance, even under pressure.

These advantages benefit a very wide range of users who can now realistically practice with their own handgun. SureStrike helps a new gun owner obtain basic skills, a police officer “freshening up” before a shift, a trainer analyzing a student’s performance, a “Fast Draw” hobbyist, and even a shop owner demonstrating a gun for sale!

Incorporated in the SureStrike training kit is the UhrSecure™ safety system, which locks the laser cartridge into the chamber with a safety pipe and nut, thereby, creating a fail-safe mechanism that prevents the loading of a live round. The UhrSecure safety system provides a visual and physical indication of the secure nature of the firearm and enables safe use of the kit for both single and multiple users. The SureStrike has been tested by the Israeli secret service, the IDF anti-terrorism school and Israeli police.

The SureStrike laser training system is under warranty to provide 5,000 “shots”. If needed, an inexpensive replacement activation cap is available to guarantee another 5,000 shots. The SureStrike laser training system comes with a 9mm SureStrike laser cartridge, the UhrSecure safety system, a quick-user guide, battery pack and five reflective targets based on classic law enforcement standards, all in a convenient carrying case.

The SureStrike was designed with modularity in mind. Low cost adapters are available to suit .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .45 GAP, .45LC revolvers, and 12 gauge shotguns. Also available are replacement activation caps that allow the SureStrike to function as a bore sight, work with some of the market’s leading weapon simulation systems, activate electronic targets, and even use variable laser beam duration for advanced technique analysis. Customized functions are available for a minimum order.

Laser Ammo’s products can be purchased through selected retailers and distributors, as well as at the Company’s web site,

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  • Alan Wilde

    I just got done talking to Laserlyte earlier today. They said the end cap can be be replaced on the end of their product for $10. I also believe both systems use the 377 batteries. Best to buy in bulk.

  • We have been selling the SureStrike Laser Bullet built by LaserAmmo, Inc for the past six months. We decided to sell the LaserAmmo, because we were intrigued with its uniquiness. SureStrike LaserAmmo allows you to Safely dry fire your favorite handgun from any location. As a result you can save money on ammunition and gas for your automobile. With rising fuel costs we can all be more fuel conscious. When I first tried the LaserAmmo in my Glock 17 I was instantly convinced we had to sell this product at We like to sell products that their performance sell themselves.

    When I first received the Surestrike Laser Bullet from LaserAmmo I placed a target on the wall, and started dry fire practiced. I could not put the weapon down. With every trigger pull a small laser flash from the SureStrike Laser Ammo would strike the target. I asked my wife to try it. I would consider her a novice, so I wanted to see how the LaserAmmo would help in training someone new to the sport of shooting. The first flash was a foot high at 10 feet. We discussed how she was aiming, and after some instruction she was hitting the center of the target. The ability to correct shooting errors prior to a live fire exercise was priceless. Enough on the background of the SureStrike Laser Ammo Training System. You can watch a video demonstration or read FAQ of the system on our website. Receive FREE Extra Battery when you use “LaserAmmo55” as a discount code at checkout.

    I want to compare the Laserlyte LaserAmmo to the Surestrike Laser Ammo Training system. In these tough economic times we are all looking for the most economic way to save on the things we buy, and saving money on ammunition is no different. Unfortunately we sometimes look at the short term cost of a product instead of long term savings. When someone purchases a LaserAmmo training system they should be considering the long term savings on ammunition as one factor. I would say long term with these products is a year or longer. At first glance the Laserlyte Laser Training Cartridge System seems like the more economical choice at a retail price of $99 compared to the SureStrike Laser Bullet Training System at $160. Remember you are making a long term investment. Yes you are initially saving money, but in the long run if you are an avid shooter with different caliber handguns or shotguns you will be loosing money quickly. The great thing about the SureStrike Laser Ammo or as some call it the Magic Laser Bullet is the parts are all replaceable, and the SureStrike Laser bullet is programmable. You can purchase separate end caps that program the SureStrike to be a Laser Boresight or allow it to work with the most popular shooting simulator games on the market. The Surestrike LaserAmmo will work with Laserlyte’s Laser Trainer Target without reprogramming, so if you want a interactive target we would recommend the Laserlyte Laser Trainer Target. Lets look at other long term considerations. After your 5000 shots have expired you can purchase a replacement cap to bring the SureStrike laser bullet back to new. Once the LaserLyte trainer cartridge has reached its 3000 shot limit you cannot replace the end cap if it begins to fail. If your Laserammo end cap stops working after 5000 shots(in testing it can go up to 10,000 shots with battery replacement) due to wear and tear on the end cap you have the option to buy a new replacement cap bringing it back to new. Also you need multiply Laserlyte Laser bullets for other calibers. If you want to put it in different calibers you need to buy another $99 LaserlyteTraining cartridge. With the Surestrike LaserAmmo you just need to purchase a inexpensive adapter to use with other calibers. The Surestrike also gives you the option to buy a 12 gauge shotgun adapter to practice dry firing your 12 gauge shotgun. This feature is not available in the LaserLyte line of Laser Cartridges. Additionally, the batteries for the SureStrike cost less then half the price of the Laserlyte 377 replacement batteries. In our opinion the biggest safety difference is the Laserlyte Laser Training Cartridge has no way to indicate if the firearm is unloaded. Once the Surestrike laser ammo training system is installed per the instructions with the SureStrike Laser Bullet, safety pipe and safety cap the system restricts the loading of a live round. This feature alone should convince you to spend the extra cash. If you need to run the numbers, the 2000 extra shots you receive with the SureStrike Laser Bullet System will easily make up for the difference in cost between the Surestrike and the Laserlyte Training Cartridge. It is a the story of the day “pay now or pay later”. Please feel free to watch our videos and read our FAQ posted on our LaserAmmo page. If you have questions please call us, but I feel you will be happy with your decision to buy the SureStrike Laser Ammo Training System[youtube=]. I have many customers who have contacted us with great reviews.