Centilla Corporation of Exeter, New Hampshire is selling, servicing and…

Centilla Corporation of Exeter, New Hampshire is selling, servicing and distributing the complete line of Systema Professional Training Weapons (PTW) and accessories.  Systema is an Engineering Firm located in Tokyo, Japan that manufactures a patented replica of an M4, M16, and MP5.  The firm also plans to release a side-arm replica for training purposes in the near future.

The PTW family of products are the most precisely simulated training weapons available, with 1:1 true weight and dimensions.  These training weapons  can not accept or be  modified to shoot live ammunition.  The PTW is based on advanced airsoft technology and is designed to be fully compatible with all common and accepted weapons upgrades, allowing the operator to equip a PTW with the same aftermarket accessories used on issued weapons.

The PTW offers the most value for the training dollar, while providing a highest level of safety.  The cost savings on ammunition and maintenance clearly make it a better value than paintball or Simunitions™.

The PTW has variable velocities (from 300 to 500 FPS) allowing the trainer to customize weapons performance for the environment and conditions, making it a perfect choice for either long range or close quarter engagements.

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  • These training weapons are extremely reliable, well built and meant for rugged use. My department uses them for our force-on-force training. We have been very pleased. We’re really tough on our training inventory. The rifles even carry a 1 year warranty.

    Great stuff.