Take Cover– Use and Abuse!

Every firearms instructor worth his salt will teach his students…

Every firearms instructor worth his salt will teach his students to use cover whenever possible, and most will even spend some time teaching how to shoot from behind cover. Alas, most of the time this instruction will be very cursory, since budget, time restraints and ammunition resources often force police trainers to concentrate their efforts on teaching basic marksmanship fundamentals and techniques.

cover.jpgIn a perfect world, we’d spend almost as much time training to utilize and shoot from cover, as we would learn to get the gun into action and hit the target. This is because cover would undoubtedly save the lives of many officers, but sadly, many have died within a few feet of cover.

A realistic estimate is that 80 percent of the time that cops do use “cover,” that “cover” is actually only concealment. Sitting in a quiet room reading this magazine, analyzing and discerning between cover and concealment is an easy task. However, out on the street, in the stress of an armed confrontation, you will tend to hyper-focus upon the threat. Your sole existence will probably be focused on clearing leather and getting as many rounds on target as quickly as possible. Most scenarios will call for you to draw down on the suspect and issue challenges. This, too is best done from behind cover.

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