Thank you Navy SEAL Team Six!: Beretta Defense Technologies

Beretta Defense Technologies, along with a grateful nation, wishes to…

Beretta Defense Technologies, along with a grateful nation, wishes to thank the brave men of Navy SEAL Team Six who, together with our warfighters, selflessly risk their lives each day to make this world a safer place.

Their bravery and quick action in recent days cannot be honored with a mere “thank you”, it is perhaps better said with a quote found in the BDT advertisement published in the Friday, May 6th edition of USA Today, “Thank you SEAL Team Six, job well done.”

Beretta shares a close association with the U.S military, particularly Navy SEAL Team Six, having intimately collaborated with members of the team during the initial design phase of what would become the venerable M9, the official sidearm of the U.S. Armed Forces. The SEALS recognized Beretta’s skill, experience, research capabilities and resources, and it is those same benchmarks that Beretta Defense Technologies continues to utilize today as they strive to serve those who defend freedom around the world.

Beretta Defense Technologies is a new military division of the Beretta Holding Group, combining the products, the services, the in-house R&D and manufacturing in support of our military personnel around the world. “The resources of Beretta, Benelli, Sako and Steiner can now be focused to meet the critical requirements of our servicemen and women”, said Gabriele de Plano, Vice President of Military Marketing & Sales. For additional information, visit

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  • John F

    Norbert…. Missing the point.
    They only said thanks….
    I wish more people would say that….
    Too many armchair quarterbacks sitting on their duff looking to complain and point fingers.
    Shut up and applaud the people that protect our freedom.
    Beretta did just that.

    And I am sure Beretta works with alot of facets of military…..

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  • Norbert

    I’m quite certain that they didn’t assault a compound inside Pakistan with pistols as their primary weapon system…

  • Sigs and HK, do not forget the MRK 23.

  • ASF

    i heard that they used something like a Glock 18C with a recoil reduction system in .45 acp caliber with a reflex sight on top of it. and not a Beretta

  • Norbert

    I meant shame on you BDT, not BTF…

  • Norbert

    VTGunner is right.

    If they wanted to “Thank” DEVGRU they could have made a generous donation to the Navy SEAL foundation… Instead of trotting out this super lame self promotional press release.

    Shame on you, BTF.

  • VTGunner

    This is QUITE humorous considering their official sidearm is a Sig not a Beretta.