Traffic Stops– Do’s & Don’ts

For many of us in law enforcement, making traffic stops…

For many of us in law enforcement, making traffic stops is among the most common of all procedures we perform on a daily basis. It also is one of, if not the most frequent ways, where we initiate activity that can lead to arrest situations. As such, they also tend to have a high degree of potential for danger.

streetsmarts2.jpgAssuming that the reader already has a working knowledge of effecting traffic stops, there are certain points worth rehashing, both in order of importance, and in relation to prevalent mistakes and practices being made by officers on a daily basis.

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  • Steve Johsnon

    How bout angling the front driver side of your car left to give yourself some cover or using your door as cover. Why does everybody run one person patrols? I never understood it.

  • I have been searching for this info about traffic from more than an hour. Thanks for posting.