Two men found guilty of killing Navy SEAL war hero’s therapy dog.

Image: Erikeltic via Wikipedia Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL awarded…

Image: Erikeltic via Wikipedia

Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL awarded the Navy Cross for heroism in 2006 after he was the only member of his team to survive a 2005 fight with the Taliban in Afghanistan, now has some added closure.

To help him heal from the trauma Luttrell experienced in the firefight that left 19 of his brothers in arms dead, Luttrell was given a Labrador retriever. Three years ago, his service dog, DASY (an acronym of the initials of Luttrell’s slain team members) was murdered.

Late last week the two Huntsville, TX men accused of killing DASY were found guilty of killing the war hero’s dog.

“I saw my dog in a ditch and two men standing outside the car,” Luttrell said. “I could hear them laughing.”

The men are scheduled to be sentence in February.

Source: The Daily Caller via Yahoo! News.

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  • Jim

    Marcus walked the high road and kept his cool. God only knows what I would do if someone did that to my dog. Jail time just DOES NOT seem like enough in this situation.

  • Thunderoussilence

    Drop them in afghanistan with a sign that says “Taliban sucks” Just rewards for a evil act.

  • Matt

    Jail is just to good for some people! Like others have said, put them in a ditch, shoot them and then stand around laughing like they did.

  • RG

    Oh no give our SEAL a pair of dull bowies n put him in a room with those pieces of pond scum & let warrior release his inner beast on them… That. Is justice.

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Huntsville has plenty of room for scumbags like them

  • Michael

    HUA. Go with Patrick’s.

  • Ron

    Leave them in a room alone with MR. Luttrell and let him dole out justices

  • Tim

    I think we’re seeing the darkest of where we can go. How unfortunate that we have to cause even more pain to those who provide for our FREEDOM.

  • Patrick

    Ungrateful idiots for the service Marcus gave to our country and the very idiots whose freedoms he fought to protect.

    We ought to treat them alike, put them in a ditch and shoot them.

  • Stan

    Wtf is wrong with some people?