United States Shooting Academy

When United States Shooting Academy (USSA) invited us to their…

When United States Shooting Academy (USSA) invited us to their one-of-a-kind shooting facility I was fortunate enough to draw the assignment. Encompassing 93 acres in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it comprises six action pistol ranges and a pneumatic shoot-off range, two 100-meter carbine and one 300-meter rifle ranges, 20 multi-purpose ranges, a reactive steel and police/military qualification range, tactical assault field, and an unprecedented 360-degree combat field. The finished grounds will have a large main lodge, maintenance building, ballistic shoot-house, armory, organizational building, and a defensive tactics building.

In 2005, the original concept for USSA was born from discussions and planning between President and CEO Tom Fee, Custom Shop Director/Gunsmith Kevin Toothman, and Steve Broom, brother of USSA’s current IT Director, James Broom. The concept originally hashed out by the three was for a competition range.

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