Video: JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command)

JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command) recently sent a team to…

JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command) recently sent a team to Tarawa to locate, and hopefully identify, the remains of the 500 missing Marines who are still lost and buried there since WW2. Tarawa was the bloodiest battle of the Pacific War, and 1100 Marines were killed in just over 72 hours. JPAC continues to scour the globe for our missing service members in order to fulfill our nation’s promise of “no man left behind.” This mission to Tarawa was successful.

However, most of the remains still need to be located and identified. JPAC plans to return next year. Now that the team is back in Honolulu, where JPAC is located, they will begin using the latest forensic technology, and begin the painstaking process of identifying the remains, and hopefully bring closure to some of the many families affected by the loss of their brave family members who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.

Read more about the Battle of Tarawa here. More info on JPAC’s efforts can be read here.

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