“Active Shooter” training provides tactical skills for Massachusetts Police, fire and EMS (video).

Police, fire, and EMS personnel practice their tactical skills during…

Police, fire, and EMS personnel practice their tactical skills during “active shooter training” Saturday at the New Hingham Regional Elementary School. Triage care and IED training were just a couple of the topics covered. The workshops train them on what to do in situations like school shootings like Columbine, Virginia Tech, even last month’s Chicopee standoff. Any scene where there could be many casualties. “They get all these little disciplines in half-hour, 45 minute blocks and then we’re going to put them to the test and do a scenario and just keep improving it to the point where they feel comfortable doing it” said Eric Stratton owner, STS Consulting, Inc.

This training lasts 2 days, but EMS and law enforcement have already taken away some valuable lessons. “We’re seeing these things more and more. Things like this are happening. People go into schools and there are mass casualties. EMTs and law enforcement has to learn how to deal with that” stated Berkshire County Corrections Officer Richard Chichester. “It’s definitely just a good experience to see what it’s like being on the unsafe end of the scene. Ems is always taught to stay back until it’s safe and obviously that could change at the drop of a hat” Ray Ferrin, Dalton Firefighter and EMT added.

Source: Stephanie Officer for WGGB.

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