1,000 officers stop mock prison riot in West Virginia.

A corrections officer tests fire retardant shields and clothing against…

A corrections officer tests fire retardant shields and clothing against a Molotov cocktail during 2011 mock prison riots in West Virginia. (West Virginia Division of Corrections)

The event gives law enforcement and corrections officers the chance to train under the most realistic conditions possible with the newest, cutting-edge less than lethal technologies.

Twenty-seven teams tackled fifty-eight tactical scenarios and had the chance to test the very latest in non-lethal technology from more than forty companies.

Participants represented a mix of local, county, state and federal officers, from U.S. SWAT forces to the highly trained elite Singapore Prisons Emergency Action Response (SPEAR) team, who specialize in close quarters riot control, transportation of high risk inmates and dynamic entry.

After 16 years of consistently excellent results, federal support was yanked for this world-class training program that officers often paid their own way to attend. The West Virginia Department of Corrections stepped in and sponsored this year.

Source: Allison Barrie for Fox News.

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