19 people shot in overnight shootings across Chicago

Nineteen people were shot across the South and West sides…

Nineteen people were shot across the South and West sides from Thursday evening through early Friday morning — 13 of them wounded over a 30-minute period, authorities say.

The overnight shootings peaked between 9:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. That’s when eight people, many of them teens, were shot at 79th Street and Essex Avenue about 9:30 p.m.

Then two men were wounded in the Ida B. Wells / Darrow Homes complex at about 9:25 p.m., police said. The men, 27 and 33, were shot in the 600 block of East 37th Street and taken to the University of Chicago Hospitals, police said. The younger man was shot in the head and the other in the right arm, Gaines said.

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  • Jman

    Thanks Good wolf Jay…. I’m at ease it’s just sh.t has gone really bad and it will not get any better… Protect your own.. stay alert, shoot straight and watch your six… out….

  • Good Wolf Jay (in FL)

    At ease Jman… At ease. The irony is that Chicago has a city wide gun ban and maintains one of the highest violent crime rates in the western hemisphere. These stats are very different in TX & FL. At least our responsible citizens are given a chance to survive and the Constitution is respected.

  • Jman

    WOW Common sense, Innocent people? Dude I was born in San Francisco not a bad city but we had really bad people in certain area’s. I believe everyone should be armed that’s it. What I was trying to get across was When cops are afraid to go into gettos because they get shot at With better weapons then what they have then HELL YEAH send in reinforcements armed to the teeth! Hey I believe in our cops and special operations folks but that does not mean I trust them all. Like anything in life, I trust no one to protect my life and the lives around me because when seconds count the police are only minutes away… Thugs do not care about the people around them but I do!! “People who make it a point to kill other people should be delt with the same or greater force than what they come at you with. We should not take the law in our own hands unless it is the last resort and the police are no where to be found”… Just Saying….

  • when you make insane laws (gun,drug,tax,behavor or thought) this is what you get.for example, make drugs illeagl, now the gangs have a new tax free income source ,and the police crap on your 4th. then we need a huge prison system to support this tyranny.look at the southern border,thats what the end is. so Jman wants to send in the troops huh? why not armed drones ? tanks? hey Jman how many inicent people will die in that mess , then you’ll see guns (just like drugs) in every gangsters hand… how about allowing the people thier rights and some twarp wont know everyone is unarmed. trust the police for your safety and you’ll get more of the same,them showing up 90 seconds after the bad guy has gone. and someone is fighting for thier life or is dead. get informed at infowars com “it a war on for your mind”

  • Rick

    Wonder how many white people were involved? Under Obama now, you don’t have to work or train to get welfare. Gives you plenty of time to shoot people.

  • Jman

    Treat all gangs like terroist and send in all special operations from the homeland…. ie.. SWAT, HRT, ICE, HOMELAND SECURITY and rid this desease once and for all. Send a strong message to all gangs that promote violence in America.. When the police are afraid to go into a bad neighborhoods because they always get shot at, should mean send in the EVERYBODY and get rid of this bulls..t! Are we not Americans? Take back what is our’s… Freedom, Peace, Liberty and the persute of Happiness.. Just saying…