20 L.E. agencies respond to mock attack on California’s Shasta Dam (video).

Bomb blasts that blew apart a car and a bus…

Bomb blasts that blew apart a car and a bus at Shasta Dam were distractions to allow terrorists time to take hostages and control of the nation’s second-largest dam.

Luckily for the north state, the dramatic scenario Wednesday was part of a 12-hour terrorist drill at the dam and not real. The goal was to ensure local, state and federal agencies could respond to such a situation and reclaim the dam.

More than 250 people from more than 20 agencies took part, said Sheri Harral, Shasta Dam’s spokeswoman for the Bureau of Reclamation. “It’s not just a couple of agencies,” Harral said. “It’s 20.”

Led by the Bureau of Reclamation — the federal agency that oversees the massive concrete dam that creates Lake Shasta — medical, fire and police agencies responded to the mock terrorist attack.

During the drill the dam, the roads leading to it and a pair of popular fishing boat ramps were closed.

Source: Dylan Darling for The Record Searchlight via policeone.com.

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