26 police officers resign in northern Mexico town.

Twenty-six police officers in the town of Ascension in northern…

Twenty-six police officers in the town of Ascension in northern Mexico resigned Thursday, surrendering their guns and uniforms, the state news agency Notimex reported.

Federal and state police, as well as the Mexican army, have taken over law enforcement in the town, according to Mayor Jaime Dominguez Loya, who said they resigned over personal safety concerns
Some members of the police force have been accused of providing protection to powerful drug cartels.

Ascension is about 100 miles southwest of El Paso, Texas.

Source: CNN

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  • Jay C.

    In defense of these twenty-six officers, northern Mexico is a very treacherous war zone with a formidable foe (the cartels). Mexican Army, Policia Federal & state agencies have far better training, more resources, more backup and are able to rotate patrols without burnout. Plus the local officers live in proximity of cartel members. These guys were likely in fear of their lives given limited resources. They were out gunned and out numbered.