2nd Arizona crime scene yields guns from ATF sting.

Two guns were found in the back of a stolen…

Two guns were found in the back of a stolen car in Maricopa last year after the driver rammed two Arizona Department of Public Safety vehicles and then fled into the desert on foot before being captured, a DPS official said.

Federal agents contacted the DPS this week and advised that a trace of the guns revealed they were part of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives sting that inadvertently put hundreds of weapons bought at Arizona gun stores into the hands of Mexican criminals.

“It was found, after the fact, that the guns were part of Operation Fast and Furious,” DPS spokesman Bart Graves said Friday, adding that the weapons had little to do with the actual incident.

Source: Robert Anglen for The Arizona Republic.

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  • No surprise here. I wonder how much of the facts surrounding this case they have been able to hide.