3 Russian spy suspects due in U.S. court.

Three of the 10 accused Russian spies held by the…

Three of the 10 accused Russian spies held by the United States faced bail hearings Fridays, as revelations from glamorous suspect Anna Chapman’s ex-husband told how she was dominated by her KGB father.

In northern Virginia, the bail hearing for the three suspects Michael Zottoli, Patricia Mills, and Mikhail Semenko was expected later Friday after being delayed at the request of defense lawyers who said they had new information.

The court was however unlikely to grant them even temporary freedom, with US authorities still sweating over the apparent disappearance in the Russian spy saga of eleventh suspect Christopher Metsos, arrested in Cyprus, who vanished after posting a 26,500 euro ($32,330 dollar) bond and surrendering his passport.

Bail has already been denied for Chapman, the flame-haired 28-year-old Russian bombshell also arrested in Sunday’s swoop on alleged “deep cover” agents living in the United States, in a case that has recalled shadowy Cold War hostilities between the superpowers.

Source:  Paola Messana for AFP.

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