4-Part Video: A Look at Combat in Mosul

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This four-part video series called “KILLER BLUE: Baptized by Fire” is produced by the Associated Press. It touches on one of the most frustrating issues U.S. troops are facing in the most dangerous parts of Iraq. Their constant encounters with gunfire and bombings in Mosul, combined with the overall lack of Iraqi police cooperation leaves these U.S. soldiers alone in defending not only the people of Iraq, but their own soldiers as well. As American soldiers take bullets for the citizens of another country, the Iraqi police still cannot, and sometimes will not, fight their own battles for their own people.

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  • robert

    If the first soldier to die would be the one to declare war, there would be no war.

    Safe behind a desk talking about it ??????

    I doubt that kind of man to be a man.

    Our soldiers lives are a to be treated with the most extreme care and only risk them with there is no other choice.

    Was that so?