500 Chicago LEOs to be moved to high-crime areas from specialized units (video).

500 Cops to Be Moved to High-Crime Areas from Specialized…

500 Cops to Be Moved to High-Crime Areas from Specialized Units: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

There will be more Chicago police officers in high-crime neighborhoods this summer; Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday that about 500 officers will be temporarily reassigned for 90 days, an idea that first came up in March.

Starting Sunday, officers will be sent to eight police districts on the South and West Sides, including Grand Crossing, Gresham, Englewood, Harrison and Austin.

Of the 500 reassigned officers, 400 will be beat cops, and 100 will be reserved in districts for special response.

“I’s about putting more police on the street, and getting kids and guns and drugs off the street, that’s key and this is down payment on that strategy,” the mayor said on Tuesday.

Most of the police officers will be taken out of two specialized units: the Mobile Strike Force and Targeted Response Unit.

Source: My Fox Chicago

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