500 guns stolen, sold from Croatian police depot; police guard detained.

Croatian police say more than 500 guns turned in after…

Croatian police say more than 500 guns turned in after the country’s 1991 war were stolen from a police depot and sold on the black market.

Spokesman Krunoslav Borovec said Friday that an officer who guarded the depot was detained and charged with embezzlement and may additionally be charged with illegal weapons sale.

Borovec says the suspect stole the guns, worth about 30,000 kuna (€4,100, US$5,400), in 2006-07. They were collected from citizens who responded to a police appeal to get rid of the weapons left over from the country’s ethnic war.

Borovec says two others are suspected of illegally buying the guns, and the investigation continues.

In Croatia, a person can possess a weapon only under very strict conditions, but criminals are often heavily armed.

Source: The Canadian Press

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