John Taffe
John Taffe (Credit: U.S. Army)

55-Year-Old John Taffe Graduates From Basic Training

Age was not a factor for 55-year-old John Taffe, who graduated from basic training with his group's second-best fitness test score.

At the age of 55, most people are counting down the year until retirement, but not John Taffe.

Taffe recently graduated basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, according to the Army Times.

Taffe survived, graduating late last month with his group’s second-best fitness-test score. He’s now a sergeant first class with a Reserve unit in San Pablo, Calif., close to his regular logistics job with the Coast Guard in Alameda.

However, basic training was not Taffe’s first experience in the military. The 55-year-old is a former chief petty officer (E-7) with the U.S. Navy, where he served for 14 years before being released from active duty in 1991.

He left what he called “the best job in the Navy” — a chief explosive ordnance disposal technician — for personal reasons. Or, as he put it, “to shake off an ex-wife.”

“Being in the military is something you can’t get anyplace else,” he told the Army Times. “I cursed the day I had to let it go. I’m trying to regain that.”

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