62,000 guns ‘missing’ from gun shops since 2008 (video).

More than 62,000 guns disappeared from U.S. firearm dealers' inventories…

More than 62,000 guns disappeared from U.S. firearm dealers’ inventories in the past three years without any record of being sold, according to a report by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF.

In many cases, the weapons were likely stolen or sold under the table or on the black market, circumventing established registration procedures and background checks, experts said. Without a record of a purchase, the weapons are considered hard to trace.

To read the BATF/SHOT Show findings click here.

Source: Devin Dwyer for ABC.

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  • randy

    if the guy lost that many gun how in the hell could be in around sounds like gun control pepole at it agin they just want us disarm so commie can take over with out a fight

  • Once again the Marxist Media conspires to “INFRINGE” UPON THE 2ND AMENDMENT…this time USING the incompetence of a US Congressperson who failed to have any security at a pubic event in a time of war….resulting in her injury and the deaths of multiple innocents. GUN CONTROL FAILED AT FORT HOOD TEXAS..THIS FAILURE IS BEING IGNORED, Buried…it does not fit THEIR TEMPLATE!…INSTEAD THE LEFT WILL TARGET LAW ABIDING CITIZENS…WITH THE ANTI GUN STUPIDITY…MORE GUNS LESS CRIME.

  • I do not believe this report. It does not pass the common sense test.