7-Year-Old Lilly Klapper Bags First Deer, Has Priceless Reaction

There aren't many 7-year-old kids who can shoot a rifle, let alone shoot a whitetail deer from long distance like Lilly Klapper recently did.

Lilly Klapper isn’t like most 7-year-old girls, in that there aren’t many 7 year olds shooting whitetail deer from long distances — if any at all. But as we said, Klapper isn’t like most 7 year olds.

A video recently surfaced on the Internet of Klapper shooting a whitetail deer using an AR-style rifle chambered in 300 blackout while out on a hunting trip with her dad Cody and her little brother.

From YouTube:

Lilly Klapper harvested her first whitetail deer on Nov. 28 in central Texas using a AR style rifle chambered in 300 blackout. Lilly is sitting in a box bling with her dad Cody and little brother. Since uploading Lilly’s video to Facebook, the video has gone viral!

What’s most impressive about the video isn’t necessarily that Lilly successfully shot the deer, but rather her trigger discipline and safety technique while using the rifle.

Check out the video above and for more on Lilly, subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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