70-year-old New Mexico homeowner kills would-be burglar (video).

Homeowner kills would-be burglar : krqe.com A 70-year-old man called…

Homeowner kills would-be burglar : krqe.com

A 70-year-old man called 911 last night and told police someone was breaking into his house. He had a gun, and a short time later he proved he knew how to use it.

Hobbs police say Wallace Roberson, 43, tried to break into a home on the 1100 block of North Denson Street in Hobbs. The homeowner Watson Green, 70, immediately called police, grabbed his handgun and fired a single shot through the back door.

“We’ve had a lot of break-ins in Hobbs lately, and we’ve had even a few home invasions,” Officer Mike Stone said. “It appears that the residents of the home were probably scared.”

The single shot went through Green’s back door hitting Roberson. When paramedics arrived they found him bleeding in an alley. He died from his injuries.

Source: Celina Westervelt for KRQE.

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  • AngryWhiteMale

    Greatest thing ever! Well Done!

  • Great ..good shooting. Today, I finished a complimentary Texas CHL Class for Wounded Marines…amazingly the most seriously wounded placed almost 100 percent of his shots in the X Ring. Not bad for a Marine who had lost his left leg, had his right leg mangled and burned, and his left arm fracture in multiple places after kneeling down on an IED presure plate. Amazingly these injuries were suffered in late Dec 10. God,his Marine Spirit, his spouse and the fantastic Military Medical system are bringing him back to life. Don’t Tread Upon Him, he and his 1911 will put a quick end to any assault…SF RJI