85-year-old U.S. Army sniper veteran proves he hasn’t lost his skills as he picks off a target at 1,000 yards (video).

He may be 85 years old, but when Army sniper…

He may be 85 years old, but when Army sniper veteran Ted Gundy was given the chance to show off the skills he used in World War Two, he proved he could still keep up with the very best.

That’s because he was invited to try out the Army’s latest technology in a challenge to hit a target a whopping 1,000 yards away.

But the former member of the Missouri honour guard, stepped up to the challenge with an extremely level head.

After all, he had fought in the Battle of the Bulge – considered one of the most defining clashes of U.S. Army history and remains the largest battle ever fought by United States troops.

Before he could get his hands on the modern day equipment, the Army presented him with a 1903 A4 replica sniper – the same he used in the war and had not seen since 1944.

Source: Simon Neville for Dailymail.co.uk.

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  • Alan Rushing

    Mr. Ted Gundy,

    I very much enjoyed having the opportunity recently to witness your experiences shooting.

    That was great.

    And thank you for your service and contributions during the WW II years.

    Wish you the best that can be for you and yours.

    Sincerely, Alan

  • Eric L.

    That guy is amazing! Headshots at 1000 yards? I wouldn’t want him shootin at me!