9/11 Memorial gun ban outrages first responders, retired cops.

Ten years and one week after Robert Reardon rushed to…

Ten years and one week after Robert Reardon rushed to the fires at Ground Zero, the retired NYPD detective returned to the attack site and tried to visit the new 9/11 Memorial for the first time.

But Reardon, 54, a Staten Island resident, was turned away because, as many retired police officers do, he was carrying a gun.

“I still can not believe the disrespect I felt, and feel now,” Reardon wrote in an e-mail to DNAinfo after the Sept. 18 incident. “We are retired members of the NYPD. We all have permits to carry our weapons. We are not criminals. We are not terrorists.”

Reardon said he had reserved a memorial visitor pass in advance and traveled to lower Manhattan on Sept. 18 with friends and family members, planning to commemorate a woman they knew who was killed, and whose remains have never been recovered.

Source: Julie Shapiro for DNA.info.

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  • Booz in Peoples Republic of Kalifornia

    Oh Keenan Hell yea. Spot on my friend.

  • RG

    @ Keenan… Amen & Amen.

  • Keenan

    When all the police officers, politicians, and anti-gun activists find themselves on the other end of justice, hopefully we will get the laws changed. When judges and politicians that have body guards or that carry firearms for their safety are denied weapons, maybe they will change their minds. Bloomberg, Clinton, and others that are protected won’t give up their protection but deny us from having ours. They are the government that our forefathers warned us about by having the Constitution written the way it is. They are the enemy of the State.