Act of Valor film leads weekend box office numbers (video).

On Oscar weekend, the active-duty Navy SEALs action flick "Act…

On Oscar weekend, the active-duty Navy SEALs action flick “Act of Valor” stormed the box office, earning $24.7 million according to studio estimates Sunday.

That was a strong opening for the film, which stars real Navy SEALs. As would be expected, “Act of Valor” resonated particularly with males, who made up 71 percent of the audience.

Source: The Associated Press via WOAI.

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  • A,J.P.

    I saw it yesterday. These clowns are fools; the action is intense, and real…not made-up Hollywood stuff. The SEALs are not actors…we get it; they are professional soldiers. The story-line is one that could very easily happen to the USA regarding the growing relationships between the Narco Cartels and terrorist organizations…our southern border is wide open, and we are vulnerable. This could happen…

  • Gary Moore

    These “critics” are out of breath doing a stand up first grade playground review, so how can they criticize great action by serving hero’s who have more go and muscle in their spit than two lard asses and a looks like aids victim…. Would like to see them try it before they criticize, the movie is an action movie and as that it rocks with realism..

  • Mr. Blue

    Two fat boys and a pencil neck. What a crew! I’ll take my chances and go see it, despite their review. I don’t expect great acting, just realistic action scenes performed by real life heroes.

  • Marine302

    opps* Just double posted myself…sorry:)
    They are saying the same thing…

  • Marine302

    P.s BTW: the movie review I was specifically refering too was in the video clip posted above…it reviews several things [after they finish laughing at their own jokes] but I just skipped to the part about Act of Valor, cause that is what interested me…

  • Marine302

    P.S. The reviews I was refering too were the ones in the video clip posted above…

  • Marine302

    Thank you sir! I will—
    and thank you for your service-

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Marine302 I didnt read the reviews Brother just went and my teen Daughter wanted to go with me so I let her and she enjoyed it as well. It made an old retired Army Plt Sgt homesick and missing the equip, missions and most of all the Soldiers. Soft bodied movie critics have little to no idea what they are looking at or the appreciation of what goes into day to day ops much less special ops so “in their neck”. Go and watch it and enjoy and dang the pasty, busted cans of biscuit bodied critics who have nothing but strong jaws!

  • Marine302

    Pretty harsh review: Had a hard time believing them though…because:

    This review seemed REALLY casual and unprofessional. It was hard to take them seriously, they were so caught up with giggling and playing around. They also seemed really arrogant, just because they have the official name of ‘movie critic’ doesn’t mean they can just sit around, fat and self confident about themselves, tearing down something–I haven’t seen the movie yet, but intend too–
    Has anybody seen it who agrees with these boys?
    Some NavySEAL training would sober them up quite a bit I think…
    Other thoughts, or is it just me that it strikes that way?

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    BTW thanks to those who served in any role as we all have our parts

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Well worth the time and moey