‘Active shooter’ training video helps Bergen County, NJ schools prepare for the worst (video)

The video, called "Lockdown," is being offered to districts within…

The video, called “Lockdown,” is being offered to districts within the county and, if approved by the state Department of Education, could become a resource for schools across New Jersey, said County Prosecuter John L. Molinelli.

“Active shooter” refers to any situation where one or more armed assailants set out on targeted or random attacks for the purpose of creating mayhem, rather than performing a robbery or holding hostages. December’s horrific shooting in Connecticut is just the most recent example, though production began on “Lockdown” long before Adam Lanza took the lives of 20 children.

“There have been so many, and no two are ever identical,” said Sgt. John LaDuca, an officer with the Bergen County Police Department who has served on the agency’s bomb squad and negotiations team. “There’s always something new about each one, so we just tried to take aspects from each of them and combine them into one.”

Source: S.P. Sullivan for NJ.com

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