Activists rally for Arizona immigration law.

Around 200 to 300 activists from several states, some with…

Around 200 to 300 activists from several states, some with placards that read “No amnesty” and “Secure our borders now,” gathered outside the state capitol to support the law, a weakened version of which came into effect Thursday.

“We are here to fully support Arizona, support the Arizona citizens and support the United States citizens who would benefit from a similar law across the nation,” said Katrina Pierson, 34, a conservative Tea Party activist who traveled from Texas to attend the event.

Arizona’s Republican-controlled legislature passed the measure three months ago to try to drive nearly half a million illegal immigrants from the state and stem the flow of human and drug smugglers over the border from Mexico.

It drew wide popular support in Arizona and across the United States but was opposed by President Barack Obama and human rights groups. A federal judge blocked the most intrusive elements hours before it came into effect.

Tensions over the law have inflamed a decades-long debate over immigration, which is playing into elections in November as Obama’s Democrats fight to retain control of Congress.

Source: Reuters

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