AdeQ press release announces new policy against selling to LEOs in anti-gun states

AdeQ Firearms has joined the long list of firearms manufacturers…

AdeQ Firearms has joined the long list of firearms manufacturers who are refusing to distribute firearms to law enforcement agencies in so-called “anti-gun” states. AdeQ’s press release is as follows:

AdeQ Firearms Company and concerned citizens everywhere have been tracking the disturbing trend by government officials from various states in dismantling individual’s 2nd Amendment rights.
We feel that these laws are unconstitutional and take away the basic freedoms guaranteed to every law abiding citizen of the United States.

As of this time, several states have enacted overarching gun control laws that restrict the public from owning standard capacity magazines, or certain types of firearms, particularly the type we manufacture.

Until such legislation is repealed, and the rights of these citizens restored – AdeQ Firearms Company will be joining a growing list of manufacturers that will not sell prohibited items to any law enforcement or government agency, individual officer or agent in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Colorado or California, Washington D.C., the city of Chicago Il., or any state that enacts what we consider to be unconstitutional gun control.

AdeQ Firearms Company

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