Afghan official: Man opens fire on Americans in Kabul; 9 dead.

Eight coalition troops and a civilian were killed Wednesday in…

Eight coalition troops and a civilian were killed Wednesday in a shooting at an Afghan air force compound in Kabul, officials said.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan said an Afghan military pilot opened fire on international troops, sparking a “gunfight.” The Taliban, however, claimed responsibility for the attack and said it had been working with the shooter for some time — an assertion that NATO denied.

There also was confusion about the death toll. The NATO-led force initially said six service members were killed. It raised that toll to nine but backed away temporarily before saying again that the shooting killed nine people — eight international service members and a civilian contractor.

Source: Nick Paton Walsh for  CNN.

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  • I just received confirmation from my source in Kabul of my prediction that the US Coalition DEAD ( were in a combat zone…with UNLOADED PISTOLS). This is your USAF…this is criminal. This is the same mentality that caused the Ft HOOD Massacre and the recent terrorist murder of USAF personnel in Germany…riding to the International Airport in a USAF Bus…during wartime. How many more must die because of STUPID OFFICERS making STUPID rules. It is an Armed Force…act like it.