After altercation, Philadelphia police say they won’t look the other way on open-carry gun owners.

With a shocking altercation between Philadelphia police and a 25-year-old…

With a shocking altercation between Philadelphia police and a 25-year-old IT worker putting the spotlight back on open-carry gun laws, local authorities are warning gun owners that they will be “inconvenienced” if they carry unconcealed handguns in the city.

Lt. Raymond Evers, a spokesman for the city police, told that gun owners who open carry, which is legal in the city, may be asked to lay on the ground until officers feel safe while they check permits.

“Philadelphia, in certain areas, is very dangerous,” he said. “There’s a lot of gun violence.” Several officers have been killed in the line of duty in the past three years, local authorities say.
The warning comes after Mark Fiorino, a suburban Philadelphia IT worker, posted an audiotape to YouTube of his tense, 45-minute encounter with police in February over his exposed handgun. The video went viral and captured national attention.

After Fiorino released the audiotape, he was charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. He now faces up to two years in prison.

Source: Stephen Clark for Fox News.

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  • Doug

    Better make sure you and your family have passports so all can bail before it really becomes Nazi Germany, get out early like the jews. Guns to fight riots, home invasions and the like that are going on is one thing- if you think your gonna be able to gun down a cop (if justified) and get off or not have u and your family slaughtered in the process, That’s crazy, Big Brother has too much money and too much technology nowadays.

  • tom

    It all comes down to the fact that Fiorino did not obey the officer but tried to give him an explaination.
    What if? 5 minutes earlier 2 blocks away a convience store was robbed by an armed suspect. You must comply with the reasonable orders of those who are given the authority to protect us.
    If you non’t you may lose more than your freedom.

  • General Jim M

    We need a law that says that a person who reports a man with a gun will be responsible for the aftermath.If the too sensitive cops show up on the scene,mistake a move of tyhe “subject” as a threat and gun him down,the caller and the cops should both face charges of voluntary manslaughter and accessory before the fact to manslaughter and filing a false police report or making a false 911 call.Cops are killing people over having a comb,cellphone or an MP3 player in their hand.I’d suggest asking,” Sir,excuse me but,do you have a permit to carry a handgun?”Don’t give me any excuses i’m ex military police and ex civilian police.You can’t just shoot citizens because someone is afraid because he saw someone with a gun.Keep in mind,good people carry guns too.Cops have a gun on their hip,some are less qualified skillfully or mentally to carry a deadly weapon than the average CCW holder.Would we excuse someone for shooting a cop cause he’s scarey and is wearing a pistol? When the person with the handgun threatens someone with it or commits a crime,then you can call the police.Too many inner city gunophobic sissies think that if you do not have a uniform on you should be disarmed.

  • ok yes in my previous rant I realize I sound as stupid as some of the slime that cops are trying to put away however, I can assure I am not but that being said I DO NOT condone nor tolerate cops harrassing law abiding people yes i understand its a difficult often “slippery” slope as GW says but I’ve been to iraq and he is correct no you can’t just leave that person in a position of advantage however cops for the most part do not have the training on how to deal with this type of situation most of the time even from my point of view in my little podunk town if the officers find out that you have a firearm at all immediately it becomes get on the blankity blank ground you stupid blankity blank and mind you this is after you have told them you have a ccw license and after they detain you and run all your info then they are all “oh we apologize ” you know thats all fine and great but hey how about listening in the first place and paying attention in the first place but ok im done going off on my unintelligble rant thank you for your time

  • Jay

    But next time Mr. Fiorino just kneel, hands up, elbows bent til the panicky guy sees your permit. Don’t argue, don’t encourage escalation. Just conceal carry from now on. Sorry for the previous rants.

  • Jay

    Guys listen to the you tube audio of this Mark Fiorino incident. Mr. Fiorino broke no law. He resisted getting his clothes dirty and laying on the ground (kneeling should suffice cops). The panicky Sgt. abuses him of “causing trouble” multiple times, cursing “get on the fucking ground, get on the fucking ground, get on the fucking ground, I’m going to kill you”. Fiorino offered to show his credentials, not double-tap his dumb ass. Philly retaliates after the airing of it’s threats and filthy language with disorderly conduct & reckless endangerment. Cops listen, we are going to have to learn with each other being armed. Plain and simple. Society is changing (becoming well armed), as in the early years of this great nation. And your learning curve, your threatening behavior, your minuscule abuse of position will have to adapt and change sooner rather than later. At some point another Revolution by the people (good people, not criminals) may have to start at the bottom and go up. We have the right to defend ourselves. Many of us are combat vets with more tactical experience (including safety). You need not feel so threatened. But we’re not going to take too much of your shit!

  • Jay

    Personally I too conceal carry and see no need to open carry. It does make many people uncomfortable, and I could visualize a false sense of bravado. Especially in a case of loitering or just hanging out to show it. Respect must be earned. However be reminded of our combat theaters where many locals are seen out with their AKs and we don’t simply order them “on the ground”.

  • tom

    I hear what you are saying, and agree with you completely. If I am stopped by the police, I will comply with their directions.

    I carry concealed so as not to offend the sensibilities of women, children. and wimps. In my state there is no brandishing law so if someone sees my gun I have not broken any law, however it may scare someone. If a criminal sees it he and his buddies may jump me just to take it away. Duh. Criminals obtain their guns illegaly.

    I have faith that the overwhelming majority of police are honnestly trying to serve us.

    If the police think you may have committed a crime it is their duty to investigate, it si your duty to comply.

  • Jay

    GW your comments reflect the character of CP, a trusted neighbor and SWAT point man, and friend of mine. The exemplary officer. The type I would go to war with, defend to the end because his integrity is second to none. And between the two of us, our cul de sac is safe. We both know the drills.

  • Jay

    GW you are the exception to the rule. I respect you and would stake my life for your type. But there are many who do not uphold your standards. I pray for your safety, your honor and longevity in this society of ours.

  • Jay

    Sorry Tactical Life. I’m sorry. Roger that. Will refrain from disrespect. It’s frustrating to see abuse of power turn into political and legislative power.


    Folks, let’s keep it civil.

  • Jay

    Order ME on the ground and I’ll remind you of how I ordered your wife on all fours!

  • GW

    As an officer, this is a slippery slope. I fully support the right to carry. However, are we as officers to assume that anyone who open carries a weapon has a permit? Should we allow them to be in a position of advantage while it is verified? After all, action is faster than reaction. I do not want to unnecessarily inconvenience someone, but I surely don’t want to get shot. Should we have them wear their perimits around their necks or give out special badges to display? This dilemma puts officers in another position to be ridiculed by the public and further complicate our job. I believe in doing the job the right way. Unfortunately, a growing portion of the public seems to think since they watch TV they know our job better than we do, thus deciding to question lawful commands. Please don’t take my rant the wrong way, I am on board with law abiding citizens and supporters. It is just that there seems to be too much questioning of justified authority that creates the possibility of unnecessary escalation.

  • Jay

    If there are any cops reading this feed, the bottom line is this. There are thousands of law-abiding citizens like myself who respect you and the law. But you do not and cannot intimidate us. We do not fear you and we never will. Come to our home the right way, you leave the right way. Those of us who are in good moral fabric and who are warriors live believing in self-defense at all costs. That means that WE go home at night too. Even when dealing with you. Respect us, we respect you. Abuse us, and we WILL defend against you.

  • Jay

    See this is what happens when a society becomes a fascist police state. “you’re guilty until we prove you innocent”. American police have way too much inappropriate authority, indignation, arrogance, and a false sense of superiority to the law abiding citizens. Which justifies my genuine hatred of all police. Police are like snakes, there are harmless and venomous, but they all want to bite. And you want neither near your house. A cop shoots and kills you at his discretion, he sees a board of buddies, gets off citing “felt threatened”. You feel threatened, give him a double-tap to the left side of his head and you are instantly toast. Despite his possible deserving of direct justice. Our perception and misinterpretation of The Constituion has become so perverse and fucked up that here we are…. And so Philly PD wants even more “control” and they whine. Like hundreds of uniformed bitches. IMHO.

  • Pete

    “Police spokesman Evers said Fiorino appears to be inviting trouble from the law by “surreptitiously” recording his encounters with police.” That quote is amazing. He just said essentially, “If you try to keep us in line, we’ll make sure you go to jail.” This is our police now. You’re don’t just obey the law, you’re suppose to do whatever the police WANT you to do!

  • ok let me see if i have this correct your going to sit here and harass me just because you can and people are ok with this heres an idea “get on the ground ” “GO FUCK YOURSELF” SIR I am ordering you onto the ground you are resisting arrest oh yea bang bang and now im going to jail for murder FUCK YOU VERY MUCH