Air Force Academy Cadets Study the Holocaust at Auschwitz

Four Air Force Academy cadets will ponder some of the…

Four Air Force Academy cadets will ponder some of the worst decisions made in military history this summer when they embark on a two-week trip to Auschwitz to study the Holocaust.

The cadets, Blake Abrecht, Jessica Adams, Nathan Orrill, and Regan Rogers, were selected by the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation for a fellowship aimed at teaching future military leaders about ethical decision-making.

When run by the German military, an estimated 3 million people died at Auschwitz during World War II. Nine of 10 people killed at the camp were targeted for their Jewish heritage. In war crime trials that followed allied victory, a string of troops from the camp justified their actions by saying they were following orders.

“That’s why we thought the program was important for future military leaders,” said program spokeswoman Betsy Aldredge.

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