Air Force halts flyovers at air shows, football games

This sequestration thing is turning into a real bummer. In…

This sequestration thing is turning into a real bummer. In yet another example of how it’s been a giant fun-ruiner (in addition to all those furloughs and pink slips), the spending cuts mean no more of those festive flyovers by the Air Force at football games and air shows.

The Air Force announced that it’s halting all such flights at least through the end of the fiscal year in September. The Thunderbirds, the military’s globe-travelling aerial demonstration team known for its dizzying tricks (a.k.a “America’s Ambassadors in Blue”), will be grounded, too.

What will be the next victim of that swinging budgetary axe? Military bands?

Even the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has to forego the flyovers, which were a tradition during its football season. That leaves only the school’s lonely falcon mascot to entertain fans, The Denver Post reports.

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  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    As a former employee of the Federal Govt, I can tell you that millions upon millions of dollars are wasted on ‘Training Programs’.
    They are held at such places as Lake Mead (Las Vegas) where mid and upper management take ‘Outboard Motor Boat Safety’ classes and are flown out there, put up in hotels w/ meals and cab fare paid and are On The Payroll.
    Why not cut these in the ‘Sequester’ ?