Air Force Moving Target Defense
Air Force Looks to Add $9.9M Moving Target Defense System (CREDIT:

Air Force Looks to Add $9.9M Moving Target Defense System

New moving Target Defense (MTD) components, configurations and services will improve orchestration of cyber agility techniques.

The U.S. Air Force has issued a $9.9 million solicitation for Moving Target Defense (MTD) components, configurations and services.

The Air Force wants a “Command and Control (C2) capability” that will assist in orchestrating “cyber agility techniques,” according to the solicitation.

Cyber agility techniques called moving target defenses offer a capability to assure the network and Air Force missions. By providing mobility to static network and computing resources within the enterprise, we create uncertainty for the attacker and can outmaneuver attacks to critical cyber infrastructure. However, without a command and control structure to plan, assess, and execute a coordinated defense, we may expose a larger attack surface to the network and increase the risk of cyber fratricide.

One of the major challenges in implementing new MTD components is that they can alter “the same resources that are currently supporting critical system functions associated with on-going missions, and depending on how they are implemented, may cause unacceptable resource contention.”

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