Air Force to Stealth Fighter Pilots: Get Used to Coughing Fits

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The Air Force has some bad news for the pilots of its F-22 Raptor stealth fighters: Your planes are going to make you feel crappy and there’s not much anyone can do about it. And the message to the maintainers of the radar-evading jet is even more depressing. Any illness they feel from working around the Raptor is apparently all in their heads, according to the Air Force.

Those admissions, buried in newly released Congressional records, represent the latest twist in the years-long saga of the F-22′s faulty oxygen system, which since at least 2008 has been choking pilots, leading to confusion, memory loss and blackouts — combined known as hypoxia — that may have contributed to at least one fatal crash. Ground crews have also reported growing sick while working around F-22s whose engines are running.

The Air Force claims its has a handle on the in-flight blackouts. All 180 or so F-22s are having faulty filters removed and new backup oxygen generators installed. There have also been changes to the G-suits pilots wear. But the Air Force says the alterations won’t do anything to fix the so-called “Raptor cough,” a chronic condition afflicting almost all F-22 pilots.

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  • These pilots are gonna be coughing for a long time if these budget cuts get passed. I’ve never seen this country be so upside down like it is now. Damn shame, god help us all.

  • Gregory

    You have got to be kidding me! Fix the GD planes already. Oh I know how to fix the problems, charge the pilots and crews with insubordination if they complain. See what an easy fix that is? Man, I should run for president. Can’t be any worse than the @ss clown in office now! At least I have the fix for a problem, right? All kidding aside, get the planes fixed