Airport police officer accidentally shoots himself in the face after finding .22 pistol in passenger’s carry-on bag.

Image: An airport police officer who found a pistol…


An airport police officer who found a pistol in a passenger’s carry-on bag shot himself in the face – after he discharged the firearm by accident.

The bungling officer at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport grazed the left side of his face during the incident.

Security screeners had spotted Richard Popkin’s .22-caliber pistol – loaded with five rounds of ‘snake shot’ ammunition used to kill small animals – as the bag was passed through an X-ray machine.

While talking to Popkin about how to clear the pistol, he unintentionally fired a shot – and was grazed by a pellet fragment on the left side of his face. He reported not suffering any visible injuries.

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  • Jman

    wow!!! These are the same idiots that are protecting our safe passage through the airports? Sad that the guy probably new how to unload it if it was a semi auto pistol due to his time watching movies and t.v. but show him a revolver and blamo he almost shoots off his face. This is why gun safety is more important than the antigun ideoligy of fears. come on follow all rules of some kind. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded even when you know its empty, Never keep your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot, always know what’s beyond your target, never point your loaded gun at any target you are not willing to destroy, Saftey Folks, Common Sense try it and stop fearing it or more crap like this will keep happening.