Al Qaeda names Egyptian militant Adel as interim chief: Al Jazeera.

Al Qaeda has appointed an Egyptian militant as temporary leader…

Al Qaeda has appointed an Egyptian militant as temporary leader and named a new head of operations following the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. commandos, al Jazeera reported on Wednesday, citing its own correspondent.

In a brief news flash, the Arab satellite channel said Saif al-Adel was named interim leader and Mustafa al-Yemeni, whose surname hints he is from Yemen, would direct operations.

The channel is seen as having good contacts with militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan and was the main conduit for bin Laden to release messages to the media.

“I think it’s more for show than anything else. It is to illustrate to the world that they have a temporary leader,” Dubai-based security analyst Theodore Karasik said of Adel.

“Adel clearly has operational experience but he does not have the intellectual or charismatic side that bin Laden had.”

Source: Sara Anabtawi for Reuters.

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  • Hazekamp

    Thank you Al Qaeda for identifying our next high value targets so openly!