Al Qaeda sites go silent in possible cyber attack.

Image: Al Qaeda's main Internet sites have gone silent…


Al Qaeda’s main Internet sites have gone silent for more than a week in an unprecedented outage for the extremist network’s online forums, analysts said Tuesday.

“All of them essentially went down” as of March 23, said Aaron Zelin, a researcher at the politics department at Brandeis University.

The outage hit a number of online forums including two “flagship” sites, al-Fida and Shamukh al-Islam, which serve as a channel for Al Qaeda forums, providing a stamp of approval for any associated sites, Zelin said.

No one has claimed credit for the blackout, which bore all the signs of a cyber attack, analysts said, as the forums usually post messages announcing a temporary interruption if they close the sites themselves.

Source: Agence France-Presse via NDTV.

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